2.4Ghz Wireless Mini Hidden Spy Pinhole Camera 700 TV Lines

Product Code: PHC701

Spy Cameras - 2.4Ghz Wireless Mini Hidden Spy Pinhole Camera 700 TV Lines
Wireless 2.4GHz Mini Hidden Spy Camera with 380TVL Audio
Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera with Microphone
Ph01 size
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  • Tiny Spy Camera - Ideal for discreet surveillance. Hook it up to a recorder to capture what is happening at home or at work
  • Pinhole Lens -Designed to see clearly through gaps as small as 2mm allowing you to hide the camera away from view
  • 700 TVL Video - Improved video image quality with a sensor yielding 700 TV lines
  • Wireless Transmission - Sends video to its receiver with a theoretical range of up to 50m although this will be significantly reduced by any solid obstructions, such as walls

This tiny pinhole spy camera is perfect for hidden camera installations or covert surveillance. It measures just 56x60x45mm and only needs a 2mm hole to see through, which makes it easily concealable in regular household items and perfect for private investigators and James Bond wannabes.

The pinhole camera uses a CMOS imaging sensor for 700 TV Lines of resolution and a sensitive microphone for recording audio. It then transmits the video signal wireless on 1 of the 4 available 2.4 GHz channels.

To select a different channel, simply flick one of the switches on the back of the mini pinhole camera. This allows you to make sure this camera doesn't interfere with any existing wireless 2.4 GHz cameras you may have or wireless broadband.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a camera only. You will need to add this to an excising system with a receiver for it to work.