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Wireless CCTV Camera Kit Ideal for Home w/Motion Detect and Infrared

Product Code: DVRIR01

Wireless Cameras - Wireless CCTV Camera Kit Ideal for Home w/Motion Detect and Infrared

Wireless CCTV Camera Kit Ideal for Home w/Motion Detect and Infrared

£159.00 £146.00 inc VAT

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  • Night vision - Provides camera with up to 10m night vision illumination. Essential for night time outdoor surveillance
  • CMOS Imaging chip - Captures full colour video during daylight hours at 380 TV lines
  • Built-in Microphone - Allows audio capture of any nearby subjects
  • Wireless Transmission - Sends video and audio to the receiver from up to 50m away in direct line of sight
  • Weather Resistant Housing - Allows camera to be used outdoors exposed to the elements
  • 4 Wireless Channels, 1 Wired Channel Input - Up to 4 Wireless 2.4GHz Security Cameras can be used with this Mini DVR and 1 CCTV Camera can be directly plugged via the AV in plug on the unit. Please note device can only record one of these at a time.
  • Camera Auto Cycle - The Mini Wireless Recorder can be set up to automatically cycle through the cameras one after another sequentially.Time spent displaying each camera can be set in the range of 5-30 seconds.
  • Auto Overwrite - Once the SD Card has been filled to capacity, the Mini DVR can automatically overwrite the oldest footage.
  • High Quality D1 Recording - This mini 2.4GHz receiver can record video footage at D1 resolution of 720 x 576 at 25 fps.
  • 1-25 FPS Adjustable Recording - The Mini DVR Receiver in this pack can be tweaked to record for longer by using a lower frame rate (FPS) or record fluid video footage when using its 25FPS settings
  • Motion Detection Record Mode - Allows unit to automatically start recording or take a picture when motion is sensed on one of the cameras.
  • Fine Tuneable Motion Sensing - The motion detection record mode can be fine tuned by use of the "Zoning" Feature and sensitivity parameter.
  • Motion Detection Pre-Record - Unit can be set to automatically record the 10 seconds prior to motion triggering.
  • Footage Recorded onto SD Card - All footage is recorded onto Secure Digital (SD) Card plugged into the unit making playback/viewing easy (32GB Max. Supported)
  • User Friendly menu system allows for easy operation and intuitive interface to recorder advanced features.
  • AVI MPEG4 Video Format - Footage recorded by the unit can be easily played back on a PC, Laptop or Mac with out the need for extra software.
  • JPEG Photo Format - Pictures taken by the unit can be viewed on any platform with ease.
  • Footage Date/Time Stamping - Recorded footage and pictures can have the date and time displayed on them.
  • Multilingual Menu - The Mini DVR can display the menu system in 10 different languages.

This wireless full colour (day) and night vision CCTV camera with wireless DVR set is excellent value. We have had customers use it to keep an eye on their car day or night, monitor babies or use it to record activity outside their shop or factory.

The camera itself is both robust and waterproof, therefore can be installed in any environment. You can also focus the camera, which enables you to get the best from the pictures/footage you take short and long distance.

The camera allows for the transmission of excellent colour video image (Black and White when in night mode), directly to the compact wireless 2.4Ghz DVR unit provided in the package. The spy camera will switch from full colour to infrared depending upon the light conditions.

This Mini 1 Channel DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is packed with advanced features that are normally only seen on our 4 Channel CCTV DVRs such as Scheduled Recording, Motion Detection with Pre-Record and a Maximum recording Frame-Rate of 25FPS. It has been built from the ground up to provide a more user friendly interface with an intuitive menu system. If you are looking for a Security Camera Recorder to keep an eye on your car, secure your shop or are looking for a lightweight, portable DVR with advanced features at a low price, then this is the Recorder for you.

You can use the Mini D1 digital video recorder with any of our 2.4 GHz wireless or wired cameras. With the new 720 x 576 D1 real time recording resolution you can record D1 footage at full 25FPS, not 2fps like other DVRs! Even our top professional cameras will look amazing. This resolution is the highest recording resolution we sell and will look great when played back on a PC or HD TV.

The Mini DVR also has a pre record function which means you'll never miss a moment of footage! The DVR will automatically record up to 10 seconds before the motion detection, which means you'll see what happened 10 seconds before the motion occurs! This feature is great if you want to catch someone doing something quickly.

This Mini DVR is very easy to setup and will take minutes for you to master, the software is very easy use and the connections are very simple. The unit comes with an easy to use overwrite system so you don't have to worry about swapping SD cards out all the time! The DVR will automatically overwrite the oldest footage on the memory card. Simple! It also supports up to 32GB SDHC cards for maximum storage capacity. The DVR can record on any one of 4 wireless channels and 1 wired channel. You can scroll through each camera feed from the menu system. Because of the new MPEG4 recording format you can now get more footage on your SD card, it's around 500mb per hour of footage so that's around 64 hours constant recording on a 32gb SD Card!

This unit runs at 12 volts so it can be powered by a car battery in a remote location. It can also directly power one camera, so you only need 1 battery or plug socket! This means you could hide the mini DVR almost anywhere, use it to guard your shop, car or office.

Wireless CCTV Camera Kit Ideal for Home w/Motion Detect and Infrared

£159.00 £146.00 inc VAT

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