WiFi PIR Sensor Hidden Spy Camera with Motion Detection 720p HD

Product Code: SPYPIR32WFGB

Spy Cameras - WiFi PIR Sensor Hidden Spy Camera with Motion Detection 720p HD
Wifi IP camera hidden in PIR sensor front view
Sample Footage from Wireless IP CCTV Camera
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  • Hidden Spy Camera- This tiny spy camera is hidden inside the casing of a non-functional PIR sensor, making it easy to mount on a wall without attracting any attention
  • Network IP Camera- This IP camera can connect to a network, allowing you to view and record footage remotely using a PC or mobile devices such as iPhones, Android phones and tablets
  • WiFi Connection- Once initially set up using a cable, the device can then work from a wireless connection. This greatly reduces the amount of suspicious wires leading to the camera!
  • 720 HD video- Camera uses an all-digital imaging system, helping ensure it can record more detail than any traditional analogue CCTV camera
  • Motion Detection- Kit includes software enabling Motion Detection recording, triggering the device whenever it senses movement in the frame. Essential for security in quiet areas!
  • IR Sensitive- Camera can pick up IR light, allowing it to be paired with a night vision illuminator for 24/7 security
  • MicroSD Card Slot- Add a MicroSD card to the camera to enable on-board recording


Looking completely inconspicuous in any office or shop, this discreet PIR sensor actually conceals an advanced 720 HD Wireless IP Camera, complete with Motion Detection. This is actually the latest in our popular range of WiFi Spy cams. These ingenious devices allow you, after a one time set up, to log in and watch & record footage in real time over the internet. As the camera uses a WiFi connection, there is less risk of a suspicious cable giving away it's location!

This camera is completely camouflaged inside of a standard sized PIR sensor casing. Whilst the PIR is non-functional, it looks perfectly at home discreetly mounted on a wall in an office or retail space. All the camera needs is a tiny pinhole in the front of the case in order to record through.

Despite its small size, the camera manages to fit in a professional quality CMOS imaging chip. This unit can record crisp full colour images in 1280x720 HD quality. This easily exceeds the standard recommended by police for effective evidence gathering, and helps ensure any footage has usable detail.

Once installed, the camera just has to be connected to your internet router via a cable in order to be initially configured. Once this has been done, the cable can be disconnected and the camera can be used with a wireless connection. The included software allows a host of professional features including adjustable Motion Detection and scheduled recording. Footage can then be recorded directly onto your computer's hard drive, or to the built-in MicroSD card slot (please note cards not included). As well as PCs, this camera can be viewed over mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android handsets, allowing you to keep a close eye on your belongings wherever you are!

What's in the box?

  • 1x Hidden PIR Sensor IP Camera
  • 1x Mains Power Supply
  • English step by step instructions
  • 2 Year warranty with SpyCameraCCTV

Technical Specification

Imaging Sensor: 1/4 Full Colour CMOS
Sensor Horizontal Resolution: 1280x720
Main Stream Resolution: 1280x720 @25fps 4CIF @25fps
Sub-Stream Resolution: 4CIF @25fps CIF @25fps
Video Compression: H.264
Lens: 3.7mm Pinhole
Field of View: 57°
Alarm Connections: 1 in 1 out
Alarm triggers: Motion Detection Video Loss Network Disconnection IP Address Conflict Storage Full Storage Error
Unit configuration: Web browser or CMS software
Network Communication: RJ45 10m/100m Ethernet 802.11 Wireless
Two Way Talk: Supported
Storage: Network
Operational Temperature: -20°c to +55°c