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15m IR 4 Camera 70m Digital Wireless CCTV System, 1TB Hybrid DVR

Product Code: DW3E4B1TBSR

Wireless Cameras - 15m IR 4 Camera 70m Digital Wireless CCTV System, 1TB Hybrid DVR

15m IR 4 Camera 70m Digital Wireless CCTV System, 1TB Hybrid DVR

£782.88 £685.00 inc VAT

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  • 700TV Line video - clear images allow you to use digital zoom with the amazing 700TVL quality
  • Waterproof - IP66 means this camera is suitable for outdoor locations
  • Vandal Proof - metallic bracket protects cables from vandals
  • 15 metre night vision - Infra-red night vision with an auto night mode function turning to black and white
  • 3.6mm Lens - for 75 Degree field of vision
  • Hybrid DVR- This CCTV recorder should work with almost any CCTV camera that uses BNC connectors, whether it's an HD or analogue model!
  • TVI and AHD Compatibility- Recorder can work with both formats of Full HD camera, so no matter what your format you can buy with confidence
  • Traditional CCTV DVR- In addition to HD, the recorder is compatible with standard analogue cameras, such as 700TVL or Sony EFFIO models
  • 1080p Recording- When used with compatible cameras, DVR can record up in resolutions up to 1080p, capturing plenty of usable detail
  • 4 Channels Audio- Allows you to record sound to go with each video channel
  • HDMI Output- Connect to any HD monitor or TV to view footage using a standard HDMI cable
  • Mobile Access- Recorder easily connects to your internet router, and can then be configured to allow live viewing of your cameras from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet!
  • Online Access- In addition to mobile devices, with a PC you can log in to your recorder using a secure web interface to view footage and change recording settings
  • Adjustable Recording Settings- As with all of our professional and home DVRs, this device has many in depth recording settings, including motion detection and 7 day scheduling
  • Upgradable Storage- Supports hard drives up to 6TB in capacity

This is our short range UK LEGAL wireless package, with 100m unobstructed range and 50m obstructed range. Use this package to secure your home or small business with no cabling. The package includes 4 Sony CCD 15m Night Vision cameras, 4 transmitters, 4 receivers, an internet enabled 1TB DVR with iPhone/Android access and all the cables/power supplies you need.

The Sony cameras can be used indoor or out and have around 15 - 20m of night vision. Their small size is great and means you can tuck them away under the eaves or in the corner of your shop. The camera part is only about the size of a baby food jar, so pretty small! With its metal shell and waterproof design, it's a great camera for so many situations. We've had people use it to watch birds, wildlife and even professional livestock breeders have used these cameras to protect their animals when they are giving birth.

We only use premium quality Sony chips in our cameras and high specification LEDs, so be aware when comparing our packages to others. Cheaper or recycled SONY chips don't give the crystal clear images or colour definition like ours.

The high specification low cost LAN/Internet Capable 4 channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR) supplied with this package uses simple menu systems and a comprehensive manual really help during set up so you get exactly what you want from the Recorder. The recorder can capture footage at 960h resolution (576x960), more than enough to make sure the recordings have plenty of usable detail.

You can also remotely monitor your DVR via the internet (perfectly safe and secure) from virtually any device anywhere in the world - Brilliant! Imagine the peace of mind knowing that you can still log into work/home whilst on holiday. If you've got a little experience with IP addresses and router ports, then setting this up is relatively easy. However should you have any troubles our team can provide a remote setup service for just £49.00 + VAT, this service will help configure and show you how to use your DVR remotely and includes ongoing support.

In record mode, the DVR unit has a number of flexible features provided through a menu system. The DVR has a built in motion detection recording function so it will only record when 'motion' is detected by the cameras. You can even ZONE areas, so if you have a tree that moves in the wind or a road, you can zone them out so they will not trigger the recorder.

With 3 scheduling record modes (continuous/motion activated/scheduled), it can be modified at any time to cover a 24-hour period, 7 days a week. This significantly increases the recording capability of the unit. You should get at least 10 - 12 days even when recording at 25fps (with 1TB HDD).

15m IR 4 Camera 70m Digital Wireless CCTV System, 1TB Hybrid DVR

£782.88 £685.00 inc VAT

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