Ubiquiti NanoBeam ac Wifi Bridge Pair - 5GHz

Product Code: NANO5G2

Accessories - Ubiquiti NanoBeam ac Wifi Bridge Pair - 5GHz
Ubiquiti Nanobeam 5ghz wifi bridge rear view
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  • Wifi Bridge- Lets you connect wifi devices over long ranges, perfect for large properties such as car parks & farms
  • Over 1km Range- Ubiquiti's advanced transmission technology allows the devices to connect to together over ranges exceeding 1km (requires unobstructed line of sight)
  • Perfect for IP Cameras- Transmit footage from multi-megapixel IP cameras from right across your property
  • 5GHz Wifi- Uses high frequency band for longer range and reduced interference
  • Weather Resistant- Designed to withstand both heavy rain and driving winds
  • Easy Mounting- Includes pole mount bracket, as well as a ball & socket joint to easily adjust direction
  • 450Mbps Throughput- Can handle huge amounts of data, such as 4K CCTV footage

Ubiquiti is one of the largest names in Wireless networking, providing a wide range of specialist devices to improve your network's coverage and speed. This pair of Nanobeam ac Wifi bridges can across distances over 1km, with incredible speeds. This makes them a perfect solution to transmit data from IP cameras across large properties such as farms.

The two devices need to be set up facing each with direct line of sight, using the included pole mount bracket. The innovative ball and socket design makes lining them up a breeze. Just use ethernet cables to connect one bridge to your IP camera, and the other to your router. You can even connect multiple devices to the unit using a network switch.