Spy Pinhole Camera Recorder with Sound Activation

Product Code: SPYDV90

Spy Cameras - Spy Pinhole Camera Recorder with Sound Activation
Portable Spy DVR with Sound Activated Record and 32GB Micro SD Card Support
Audio Triggered Mini PVR with 500 Hour Stand-By and Audio Recording
Sound Triggered Mini Recorder PVR with Flexible Car Windshield Mount
Sound Triggered Portable Spy DVR with Multiple Accessories
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  • Compact Design - Unit measures just 78x33x12mm (about the size of a cigarette lighter).
  • Light-weight and Durable - Aluminium casing means unit is resistant to accidental drops and only weighs 35 grams.
  • AVI Video Format - records video footage with audio in AVI format making it easy to transfer and ply footage on any computer platform.
  • Low Light - uses a 1 LUX Pinhole Camera so it can see in low light conditions.
  • Date and Time Stamping - automatically stamps the date and time onto any video footage it records.
  • 30 FPS Video Recording - records video at either 20FPS or 30FPS for fluid video motion.
  • VGA Video Recording - records at a resolution of 640x480 pixels
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery - The Lithium Ion Battery built can be charged by plugging it into your computer with USB cable supplied, the Mains Power Adapter or the Vehicle Cigarette Lighter adapter cable.
  • Long Battery Life - records video continuously for up to 4 hours approx or be left on Sound Triggered Stand-by Mode for up to 500 hours.
  • Up to 32GB Capacity - supports up to 32GB Capacity MicroSD Cards.
  • LED Activity Indicator - indicates the mode it's in with the use of several multi-coloured LEDs.
  • Flexible Mounting Bracket - A Mounting Bracket with flexible stalk is included in this pack. It also has a suction cup base, making this Spy Mini DVR perfect for in-vehicle applications.
  • Car Cigarette Lighter Cable - can be charged from the Cigarette Lighter of any vehicle with the use of the included Cigarette Lighter Adapter Cable
  • Sensitive Microphone - Built-In Microphone made for covert applications such as Private Investigation


Our tiny spy pinhole camera recorder is an ideal device for covert security surveillance in the home, office settings or in your car. With its covert form factor this device can be placed in a room without attracting any attention from unsuspecting passers-by. Key to its genius is the fact it is battery-powered and features MicroSD card recording meaning that no external recorders or wiring is required.

The integrated rechargeable Lithium-ion battery provides up to 4 hours battery life on constant recording or up to 500 hours when the device is set to sound-trigger mode. Plenty of recording storage is provided due to the MicroSD slot, which supports cards up to 32GB in capacity. Simply pop the MicroSD card (not included) into your computer or use the USB cable to watch back videos at a later date.

What's in the box?

  • 1x Spy Pinhole Camera Recorder
  • 1x Bag
  • 1x Mains Power adapter
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Car Charger Cable
  • 1x Software CD
  • 1x Flexible Mounting Bracket

Technical Specification

Image Sensor: 1/4 CMOS
Video Format: AVI
Video Resolution: 640x480
Voice Sampling: 16-bit
Lens View Angle: 74 degrees
Minimum Illumination: 1 Lux
Battery Usage: 4 Hours (500 Hrs Audio Activated Stand-by Mode)
Supported Memory: MicroSD Cards (up to 32GB)
Charge Time: 3 Hours Approx.
Weight: 35g
Dimensions: 78x33x12mm

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