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  • Complete Security System Support- With our Platinum support service our UK based helpdesk team can remotely log in and completely configure large CCTV systems, covering CCTV and IP systems with more than 8 cameras
  • Simple Annual Subscription- Once your camera is all configured for remote access, we set up a simple Direct Debit annual subscription using our payment partners GoCardless, providing you with ongoing remote access and continued support for your connection
  • On-Site Replacement Service- If you contact our team with a fault that we can verify before 4pm, then we can send a replacement out to you next day. Ideal for business security systems monitoring sensitive areas
  • Remote Configuration- Our helpdesk team can log in and remotely program your recorder and network, including motion detection, time & date and scheduling
  • Remote Access- We will also set up your system's remote access, letting you watch live or recorded footage from anywhere using a PC, phone or tablet
  • Smart Camera Configuration- If you have a Hikvision security system, then the service also covers the configuration of one camera's smart features, such as line crossing, intrusion detection, smart tracking or number plate recognition. If you need more than one smart camera, then we can walk you through how to do this, or configure these as well for a small extra one-off charge. With our set up services your not on your own when optimising the cameras to work for you and enable you to get the right pop ups and notifications
  • Dynamic DNS Setup- As part of the service we will also set up a web address of your choosing (subject to availability), through which you can securely log in to view your camera. This will save you hundreds of pounds over the course of the year compared to the cost of setting up a Static IP address for your recorder
  • Continuing Support- Unlike other CCTV companies, we won't charge you for reconnecting your system if your router needs resetting, changing or you change provider. It’s all included in the cost!
  • Multiple Users- Setting up a system for a company or organisation? We can add different levels of access, from admins who can adjust recording settings to guest users, who can only view cameras
  • Annual System Checkup- We also schedule an annual checkup of your recorder and connection, to make sure that everything is optimised
  • This service package also includes setting up services such as Hikvision's Hik-Connect app, should we need to do this via a remote connection

Just give us a quick call after purchasing and we can book in a time slot with our helpdesk team. We only have a limited number of slots per day, so please bear in mind this may be up to a week after purchase

What is not covered?

The following may incur an additional fee:
  • Reconfiguring your system after a factory reset
  • Configuring systems on multi-layer networks, or those that involve complex firewalls
  • Regular servicing, for example backing up footage


Who is this service right for?

• Users with large systems using more than 8 cameras

• Commercial users with multiple smart IP cameras

• Users whose CCTV coverage is critical for their business

• Larger systems using Wifi bridges and 4G routers

IP camera systems provide previously unheard of levels of automation and control, but this goes hand in hand with a configuration process that can be much more involved and complex. We also know that many business users who need larger security systems - more than 8 cameras - can't afford to spend setting this up themselves. Because of this, we have put together this remote support package, providing an initial configuration and ongoing coverage, all in one complete service.

By logging remotely into your network, our UK based helpdesk team can completely configure your recorder and network for remote access, letting you watch live or recorded footage from PC, phone or tablet. They can set up the DVR or NVR, programming time & date, motion detection and scheduling settings, and also setting up a unique web address through which you can securely access the recorder. If you have Hikvision IP cameras, then they can also set up smart features such as line crossing and intrusion detection. The process takes around an hour, during which time you can either get our helpdesk team to walk you through the process, or just relax with a cuppa. We do however recommend that you stay available by a computer throughout the process.

After the initial setup, there is a Direct Debit subscription for ongoing support. This includes resetting remote access should the connection go down and an annual check to make sure it's all working properly. This professional level of support even includes free on-site replacements should an item develop a fault, so you have peace of mind that essential coverage is not lost.

What's in the box?

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