Tiny Covert Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera with Receiver

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Spy Cameras - Tiny Covert Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera with Receiver
tiny wireless pinhole camera in hand
Pinhole Camera with 2.4 Ghz Receiver
Ph01 size
wireless pinhole spy camera size comparison with battery
8V, 12V power adapters, phono AV cable and 9V battery clips included
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  • Tiny Spy Camera - Ideal for discreet surveillance. Hook it up to a recorder to capture what is happening at home or at work
  • Pinhole Lens - Designed to see clearly through gaps as small as 2mm allowing you to hide the camera away from view
  • 700 TVL Video - Improved video image quality with a sensor yielding 700 TV lines
  • Wireless Transmission - Sends video to its receiver with a theoretical range of up to 30m although this will be significantly reduced by any solid obstructions, such as walls
  • Easy Connectivity - Use the video outputs from the receiver and the included AV cable to displays images on a TV or to plug into a DVR or recorder


This small pinhole spy camera is perfect for covert surveillance – it's tiny, about the same size as a stock cube and the lens measures just 3mm across. This means it can be positioned virtually anywhere. To save on the cabling that you would need to run from the camera to the TV the camera features an inbuilt 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter. This provides a wireless range of up to 30 metres in clear line of sight back to the receiver. The receiver can be connected to a TV or recorder using a composite video connection. All the cables you need are supplied.

You can manually focus the camera to enable you to get the best pictures. You can either power it from a battery pack or use the supplied mains power supply, although we recommend mains adapters for 24/7 viewing. Using one of our battery packs you will get around 36 hours of camera use, but if you need to run from the mains we have extension cables at 5m, 10m or 20m lengths.

The small pinhole camera lens only needs a tiny hole of around 3mm to see through and it can be made almost entirely unnoticeable to the naked eye when installed properly. The camera is so light it can be mounted on a wall using a small amount of adhesive. If your DIY skills are not up to much, you can still do an excellent job of installing this discreetly behind objects as it measures only 2 centimetres across.

For businesses, this device can serve to monitor operations in offices, shops or warehouses. It can also be installed alongside CCTV video equipment with a DVR.

This spy camera works great with our USB Video Capture Devices. This allows you to connect the camera to your PC to view and record footage. The free software supplied also has motion detection triggering so you just record the bits you want from the spy camera video footage.

What's in the box?

  • 1x Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera
  • 2x UK mains power supplies
  • 1x Receiver with antenna
  • 1x 1m Audio/Video Cable

Technical Specification


Effective Resolution: 628x582
Horizontal Definition: 700 TV Lines
Scan Frequency: 50Hz
Minimum Illumination: 3 LUX
Sensitivity: +18DB-AGC ON-OFF
0utput Power: <10dBm 10mW)/100dBm(100mW)
Output Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Wireless Distance: 10-20m/50m
Voltage: 8V DC
Current: 200 mA
Power Consumption: 150mA


Frequency: ISM ISM 2414 - 2468 MHz
Antenna: Omni-directional antenna
Channel: 1-4 (Flip-type switch)
Intermediate Frequency: 480MHz
Frequency Stabilization: +/- 100KHz
Demodulation Mode: FM
Receiving Sensitivity: -85dBm
Video Output: 1Vp-p@75 ohm S/N>38dB
Audio Output: 1Vp-p@600 ohm
Power: 9V DC
Operating Temperature: -10oC ~ +40oC
Operating Humidity: 85% RH
Dimensions (WxLxH): 80x68x16mm
Weight: 115 g

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