Pan Tilt Zoom Joystick Controller with CCTV Monitor for PTZ IP Cameras

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Accessories - Pan Tilt Zoom Joystick Controller with CCTV Monitor for PTZ IP Cameras
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  • Joystick Controller for PTZ IP Cameras- Easy remote control of pan-tilt-zoom IP cameras, ideal for tracking moving subjects or monitoring a wide area
  • Built-in CCTV Monitor- Colour LCD screen allows you to watch the camera feed without an additional recorder
  • 3 Axis Joystick- Intuitive control over pan movements, and control zoom with a twist of the wrist
  • Network Connection- Plugs straight in to your network switch with a network cable
  • Programmable Positions- Quickly program preset camera positions, as well as tours and movements
  • ONVIF Compatible- Uses industry standard network protocol, making it compatible with most PTZ IP cameras
  • HDMI Output- As well as viewing on screen, you can also output HD video directly to a TV or monitor


Pan-Tilt-Zoom- or "PTZ"- cameras are ideal when flexible coverage and powerful zoom are needed, especially for unpredictable or moving targets. To use them to their full potential however, a good quality controller is essential. This joystick controller is designed specifically for PTZ IP cameras, and gives you intuitive fingertip control over your cameras, making it much easier to track subjects.

Uniquely, this controller also features a built-in CCTV monitor on which you can view the camera's footage. This provides you with far more freedom when setting up your system, as you don't need to connect the controller to recorder.

The controller itself uses a 3 axis joystick, allowing you to easily pan the camera around, and the zoom the lens with a quick twist. You can also save camera positions as a preset, and then snap back to them at the press of a button. Other presets include a 360 degrees tour, and an A-B transmit between two saved positions.

To setup the controller just connect it to the same network as your IP camera, and add the device using the onscreen menu. As no recorder is needed, you can easily set up a quick monitoring system relatively quickly. This makes it fantastic for mobile or temporary installations.

What's in the box?

  • 1x PTZ Joystick controller
  • 1x Mains Power Supply
  • 1x User Manual CD

Technical Specification

Control Mode: Network
Controllable Devices: PTZ IP Cameras
Screen Display: 5 HD LED Display
Interface: 1x RS45 1x DC 12V 1x HDMI 1x USB
Power Supply: DC 12V 2A
Protocol: ONVIF 2.4
Joystick: 3 Axis
Language: English Chinese
Image Switch Mode: Serial Number or Mouse
Operational Temperature: -20°c to +55°c
Dimensions: 260x160x48mm
Weight: Gross 1.52Kg Net 1Kg


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