Mini Hidden Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera for Mac w USB Video Capture

Product Code: MACPH701

Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera with Audio
2.4GHz Wireless Audio and Video Receiver
AV RCA Phono to USB Audio Video Capture Device for Mac OSX
USB Video Capture Device Connectors
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  • Spy Camera for Mac- This brand new kit combines our popular Wireless Pinhole Spy camera with an Apple Mac Compatible USB Video Capture Device. Record Spy videos straight to your Macintosh!
  • Tiny Pinhole camera- This bundle includes a tiny Spy Camera fitted with a Pinhole lens, allowing it to be easily concealed whilst recording out of a small gap
  • Wireless video Transmission- Camera includes a built in Wireless Transmitter, allowing it to send video and audio straight to the Receiver from up to 50m away. Please note that solid obstructions such as walls will reduce range by up to half
  • USB 2.0 Video Capture- The included USB device uses a USB 2.0 connection to quickly transfer Video and Audio directly to your Mac
  • Video Editing Software- Included software CD allows you to easily record and edit video footage from your camera


This exclusive kit combines one of our massively popular Wireless Pinhole Spy Cameras with a unique Mac Compatible USB Audio and Video Capture Device. This allows you to easily capture spy videos straight onto your Apple Macintosh Computer. This is a fantastic kit to use in so many ways- from a covert surveillance camera in the office to a great value discreet nanny cam for your home. The USB device comes with some easy to use recording and editing software, so making videos and uploading them could not be easier!

The camera is impressively small- making it easy to conceal behind furniture or in a bag. The tiny pinhole lens only needs a minuscule gap to see through, so the main body of the camera can remain safely tucked away from prying eyes! From here it can record full colour video at 700TV Lines resolution.

The integrated Wireless transmitter can reach the included Receiver from up to 50m away, although solid obstructions such as walls will reduce this by up to half. This means there is no need to run video cables to the device, all you need is to hook it up to the included Power Supply, or one of our Rechargeable Batteries for short term use.

Crucially, this camera comes bundled with a fantastic USB Video capture Device for Mac. This allows you to use your Apple Computer as a recorder, capturing Video! This makes this kit a fantastic choice for covert recording in the home and at work- there's no need to mess around with complex DVRs.

What's in the box?

  • 1x Wireless Mini Pinhole Spy Camera
  • 2x Mains Power Supplies
  • 1x Wireless Receiver
  • 1x Video USB Capture Device for Mac
  • English step by step set up guide

Technical Specification


Imaging Chip: 1/4 CMOS Sensor
Video System: PAL
Effective Image Dimensions: PAL- 628x582
Imaging Area: 5.78x4.19mm
Horizontal Resolution: 380TV Lines
Scan Frequency: PAL- CCIR 50Hz
Signal Output: Two Channel Audio and Video
Minimum Illumination: 3LUX
Sensitivity: 18dB AGC
Output Power: 10mW 10dBm
Output Frequency: 2.4GHz
Uninterrupted Wireless Range: 50m
Voltage: 8V
DC Power Consumption: 640mW/<2W
Weight: 30g


Receiving Frequency: 2414-2468MHz
Power Supply: 12V/500mA
Weight: 120g