Low Light Tiny Pinhole Spy Camera Recorder Kit

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Spy Cameras - Low Light Tiny Pinhole Spy Camera Recorder Kit
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Covert Spy Camera
Tiniest camera designed to be easily concealed. Perfect for sensitive applications such as monitoring stock rooms, staff, or a relative's carers

Our Smallest Camera
This wee thing really is miniature, measuring only 25x25mm! It's the smallest camera we've ever sold, making it easy to position

1080p HD Video
Captures subjects in sharp detail at 1920x1080 Full HD

Ultra Low Light Sensitivity
Can keep working in situations as dark as 0.0008lux, essential for recording in badly-lit areas

Colour Recording
Sony EXMOR imaging chip records in full, true-to-life colour down to 0.08lux, before switching to black and white to boost low light sensitivity

Pinhole Lens
Records through gaps as small as 2mm wide, letting you easily conceal the camera behind cover

Both camera and DVR are compatible with HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD and CVBS video systems

OSD Controller
Ships with a small plug-in controller to adjust picture settings in the on-screen display

Compact Size DVR
The tiny recorder only measures 85 x 85 x 20mm, ideal for covert and mobile operations, a perfect match for the pinhole spy camera!

2MP Recording
DVR records in HD 1080p just like the camera, ensuring high-quality CCTV footage with pin-sharp detail

Easy MicroSD Card Storage
Recorder can support MicroSD cards up to 128GB (card not included)

Low Voltage 12V DC
(No Danger! Danger!) Low voltage allows for both permanent and temporary battery-operated installations. You can also power the recorder via your car lighter socket!

TVI & AHD Compatible
This coax recorder will work with TVI and AHD cameras

Adjustable Settings
You can adjust the length of your video clips from 1 to 3, 5, or 30 minutes

File Lock
With this feature, you can ensure that footage won't be recorded over until it can be backed up to a USB drive at a later date

Accessible AVI-Files
Police-friendly AVI-files for evidence can quickly be copied onto a USB drive or directly onto a PC

Simple Setup
Recorder and camera can easily be activated by connecting them via the included lead


Are you on the hunt for the absolute smallest, most covert little camera and recorder? Need to do some mobile or temporary sneaky recording? Look no further. Do squint your eyes, as this kit is truly tiny!

What do we mean with tiny? Well, we’re talking about an eenymeeny 25mm x 25mm little pinhole camera, fitting discreet holes in the wall and capable of recording pin-sharp footage through gaps as small as 2mm! Along with this sly li’l devil comes the just-as-sly mini recorder, measuring a mere 85mm x 85mm, which means you can use it wherever you need to, and it won’t easily attract any unwanted attention.

The camera may be itty-bitty in size, but this certainly does not take away from its top-notch quality! Covert security is one of the most difficult challenges to approach with CCTV. For example, if you want to catch an office thief red-handed, you need a camera that can remain completely concealed, without sacrificing any image quality. This HD low light pinhole camera is the ideal solution, cramming 1080p recording and amazing low light sensitivity into the smallest camera body that we've ever sold - no bigger than a cherry tomato! (A square one, mind you.)

The camera boasts a Sony EXMOR imaging chip, capable of recording in full colour down to 0.08Lux, and then switching to black & white and dropping the shutter speed to continue working in conditions as dark as 0.0008Lux. Images are captured in 1920x1080p Full HD, ensuring videos are packed with usable subject detail. The pinhole lens also allows the camera to record through gaps as narrow as 2mm, so the camera and cables can remain safely hidden away behind a shelf or drawer.

We have included an OSD controller so that you can fully control the camera's settings down-the-wire by using the mini joystick. This is important when it comes to setting it up with your recorder.

4-in-1 technology allows compatibility with HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD and CVBS video equipment. The camera also includes a plug-in control to quickly adjust the on-screen menu, providing in depth options for settings such as white balance and back-light compensation.

The recorder itself is TVI and AHD compatible as well, and offers live view in CVBS.

Thanks to the DVR’s low voltage 12V DC operation you can use it for battery-powered CCTV installations, both permanent and temporary. What's more, you can also power the recorder via your car lighter socket!

This DVR records to a MicroSD, you can install up to a 128 GB card (card not included). With the adjustable settings, you can adapt the recording length and quality to suit your own specific requirements. Video clip lengths can vary from 1 to 3, 5, or 30 minutes.

If you ever happen to need to gather evidence, you can copy police-friendly AVI files onto a USB drive, or, even simpler, you can just connect your DVR directly to a PC so you can copy straight onto your desktop.

With the File Lock feature, you can also ensure that footage won't be recorded over until it can be backed up to a USB drive at a later date.

Need audio too? You got it. The dapper DVR even records audio from your camera or a connected microphone.

What’s the overall setup like? Easy as pie. Simply connect the camera to your DVR with the lead, power it up, and there you go, you’re recording crystal clear 1080p video.

This tiny DVR and pinhole camera kit will be provided with 2 remote controls, 1 power supply, 2 connection leads and instructions. You can also choose an optional MicroSD card from the drop-down menu above.

Bonus: UK delivery is free!

What's in the box?

  • 1x Low Light Tiny Pinhole Spy Camera
  • 1x Camera OSD Controller
  • 1x UK mains power supply
  • 1x 1-Channel mini TVI/AHD 12V DC DVR
  • 1x DVR Remote control
  • 2x Connection leads
  • 1x Instruction manual
  • 1x Quickstart guide

Technical Specification


Imaging Sensor: 1/2.9 Sony EXMOR CMOS
Active Pixels: 1936x1097
Resolution: 1080p (TVI CVI AHD) 950TVL(CVBS)
S/N Ratio:>52dB
Video Output: TVI 2.0 AHD 2.0 CVI 2.0 CVBS
Minimum illumination: 0.08lux (colour) 0.008lux (B&W) 0.0008ux (B&W w sens-up)
Lens: 3.7mm Pinhole
Field-of-View: 73° - D 92°/H 73°/V°54° (1/2.9” LENS)
Exposure: DC MANUAL
Backlight Compensation: OFF BLC HSBLC
Privacy Masking: 4 zones
Motion Detection: On Off
Sharpness: Adjustable
Image Enhancement: D-WDR
Defog: On Off
Communication: Coax
OSD: OSD Controller
Power: DC 12V
Power Consumption: 1.2W
Operational Temperature: -10 to +50c
Dimensions: 25x25x16mm


Video Inputs: 1ch
Video in Connection: Phono (on fly lead)
Audio Inputs: 1ch
Audio Input Connection: Phono (on fly lead)
Resolution: 1080P (25FPS) 720P (50FPS) 480P
Video Encoding: AVI
Power: 12V DC
Power Connection: DC 2.1mm (on fly lead)
Current Consumption: 280mA
Remote Control: Included
Flash Card Backup: MicroSD card (max 128GB)
USB Interface: Micro USB Socket
DVR Compatability: HD-TVI or AHD
Connection: 4 pin fly lead
Dimensions: 85x85x25mm


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