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4 Camera Digital Wireless CCTV System with 1TB Hybrid DVR

Product Code: DW3E4B1TBLR

Wildlife Cameras - 4 Camera Digital Wireless CCTV System with 1TB Hybrid DVR

4 Camera Digital Wireless CCTV System with 1TB Hybrid DVR

£1,029.16 £821.48 inc VAT

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What Are The Benefits of Digital Wireless?

  • Unmatched Signal clarity- This system's Digital Wireless Transmitter/Receiver kits each use a unique frequency, helping provide a clear signal with no interference! Essential for busy WiFi areas!
  • Long Range Wireless Transmission- The system's exceptional signal clarity, combined with the included High Gain Antennae, enable a massive range of up to 200m. Please note that solid obstructions, such as walls, will reduce this by up to half
  • Encrypted Video- As each wireless channel uses a unique frequency, no outside devices will be able to pick up your signal. A vital requirement for security in sensitive areas

Other System Features

  • Complete 4 Camera CCTV System- We have put this together as an all-inclusive wireless security system, featuring not only the cameras and recorder but every single connector and cable you will need to get it up and running!
  • Hikvision Outdoor CCTV Cameras- Unlike cameras found in cheaper wireless kits, this system uses Durable Waterproof Security Cameras. Perfect for use on a Farm or Industrial Property!
  • 20m Night Vision- Each camera's 23 Infra-red LEDs illuminate subjects up to 20 metres away, even in total darkness!
  • Sony CCD Sensors- Each camera is fitted with a high quality Sony imaging chip, providing a crisp image with 700TVL resolution. This means they meet the recommended police standard for recording evidence
  • 4 Video Channels- Unlike cheaper wireless kits that only transmit a single split screen display, this is a fully fledged 4 channel system! Record footage from each camera individually!
  • Motion Detection Recording- This system's Recorder features an advanced Motion Detection mode, triggering recording as soon as movement is detected in any video channel. A fantastic way to ensure you only capture the footage that matters!
  • Network Access- The professional DVR features an ethernet port. This allows you, after a one-time setup, to view your live CCTV footage over an internet connection from anywhere in the world! This feature even works with mobile devices using Android, iOS and Windows Phone systems!

This powerful Long Range Wireless Outdoor Security System can work over distances as far as 200m, making it perfect for using on a large property such as a farm! Often it can be difficult to set up a Wireless Security system in such areas, as important buildings will be spread over a wide area. In addition, setting up cameras exposed to the wind and rain can test the limits of many wireless cameras!

This 4 Camera CCTV System uses advanced Digital Wireless transmitters and receivers to provide a clean signal, with a much smaller risk of interference than analogue equipment. This improved signal also allows a much greater range- up to 200m within a clear line of sight! Please note this range will be reduced by up to half through solid objects such as walls.

Crucially, this comprehensive system features 4 durable Hikvision CCTV cameras- each with their own transmitter and receiver! Many basic wireless kits will only transmit a 4-way split screen, but this system allows you to place the cameras in different locations across your property, and record them all on separate video channels. This gives you vastly more freedom when installing your CCTV. Naturally, each waterproof camera is fitted with a CMOS sensor for high-quality images, and IR LEDs for 30 metres of night vision. Perfect for monitoring unlit buildings!

To top it all off, we have included a Professional DVR with a 1TB HDD and network access! This means that, after a one-time set-up, you can log into your recorder and watch live CCTV footage from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This feature even works with mobile devices, supporting Android, iOS and Windows Phone handsets. The recorder also boasts an adjustable Motion Detection mode, triggering recording in any of the 4 video channels when it senses movement. This helps make sure you capture any important footage and allows the large 1TB HDD to record even longer.

4 Camera Digital Wireless CCTV System with 1TB Hybrid DVR

£1,029.16 £821.48 inc VAT

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