Inline Remote Up-the-Coax Controller for Analogue CCTV Cameras

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Accessories - Inline Remote Up-the-Coax Controller for Analogue CCTV Cameras
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  • Remote UTC Controller- This compact device lets you control a camera's OSD (on-screen display) menu, adjusting picture settings
  • Compatible with Sony EFFIO P- Controller works with all of our professional grade CCTV cameras that use Sony's EFFIO P imaging chip
  • Control WDR Adjustment- UTC controller allows you to adjust camera functions such as backlight and contrast compensation. This gives you a much greater scope to fine tune your images
  • In-line Controller- Device plugs in between the camera and the video cable, meaning you can get all of your cameras configured and then disconnect it without the need for drilling a large hole in the wall


Many of our professional grade CCTV cameras use Sony's EFFIO-P imaging technology, enabling them to record clear video even in situations with high contrast and challenging lighting conditions. This remote UTC controller is a great way to control these powerful features, allowing you to make in depth adjustments using the camera's OSD ("on-screen display") menu.

The controller works in-line, simply plugging in to the camera in front of the video cable. This means you can quickly connect the controller to configure your cameras, and then disconnect it. This is unlike other designs of UTC controller that are built into the camera cable, meaning you have to drill a large hole to feed it through during installation.

What's in the box?

  • 1x Remote UTC Controller for EFFIO P
  • 2 Year Warranty with SpyCameraCCTV

Technical Specification

Optical Zoom: 12x (3.94-46mm)
Imaging chip: Samsung 1/4 Colour CCD
Video Resolution: 560TV Line
Sensitivity: Colour 0.2Lux B and W 0.04Lux
Menu Languages: English Chinese Spanish
Pre-Set Positions: 128
Scan: Auto Left-Right limited Speed Adjustable
Patrol: 8 Tracks- Preset Speed and Dwell time changeable
Pattern: 6 Lines- Pan Tilt and Zoom for up to 120 Seconds
Alarm: 4 Inputs 2 Outputs
Password Protection: Supported
Temperature Display: Supported
Authority Management: Supported
Privacy Masking: 8 Zones
Address Range: 0-255 Set by dip switcher firmware and network
Communication: RS485
Baud Rate: 24004800960019200- set by dip switcher
Device Title: Display on/off
Zoom times: Display on/off
Pan Range: 0-360 Degree Continuous
Pan Speed: 0.1-240 Degrees/sec
Tilt Range: 0-90 Degrees with auto 180 Degree flip
Tilt Speed: 0.1-180 Degrees/sec
Precision: +/- 0.1 Degrees
Housing: Vandal Proof Aluminium Alloy with Wall Mount
Surge Protection: 6000V
Ingress Protection: IP66
Working Temperature: -10c to 60c
Working Humidity: 0-90 Percent
Power: 24V AC 3A 60Hz/50Hz 35W


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