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Hikvison Wifi Camera System - 4x 4MP Domes, 30m IR, 2TB NVR

Product Code: PKWL742TB

Wireless Cameras - Hikvison Wifi Camera System - 4x 4MP Domes, 30m IR, 2TB NVR

Hikvison Wifi Camera System - 4x 4MP Domes, 30m IR, 2TB NVR

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Camera Features

  • Hikvision Wifi Camera- Connects to the recorder via your home Wifi network, so there's no need to run cables between the devices. Perfect for large properties or installations that need to be moved around
  • 4 Megapixel Video- Unlike traditional wireless cameras with low resolutions, these cameras record 2688x1520 video, with twice the detail of even Full HD
  • 30m Night Vision- Uses infrared LEDs to clearly record subjects after dark, even in larger outdoor spaces
  • IP67 Rated- Dome housings not only keep cameras discreet, but are completely weatherproof, allowing outdoor use
  • Wide Angle Lens- 2.8mm lens records everything in a 103° arc in front of the camera
  • One-time Configuration- Connect camera to recorder using the included patch cable for a one-time setup, then the camera can be used over wifi with no network cable
  • Automated Network Recovery- Cameras include a MicroSD card slot, which can be set up as an automated back up in case the recorder loses connection. Cards note included
  • Wide Dynamic Range- Setting allows enhanced highlight and shadow sensitivity, helping preserve detail in high contrast scenes such as windows
  • Smart Detection- Allows the use of Hikvision's latest automation features, including ine crossing, object removal and intrusion detection

Recorder Features

  • 4 Channel Network Video Recorder- NVR connects to your router, and picks up the cameras on your network
  • 4MP Recorder- Capable of recording at 2688x1520 resolution, so you won't lose any of the stunning detail from the cameras
  • 2TB Hard Drive- Includes a pre-installed HDD with enough space for 7 days of footage, though this can be upgraded if more storage is needed
  • HDMI Output- Easily connect recorder to an HD TV or monitor using standard cable
  • Remote Access- View live cameras or recordings from anywhere in the world using apps for PC, phone or tablet
  • Alarm In/Out- CCTV connects to an existing alarm system, letting the devices trigger each other

Hikvision provides full instructions for configuring their remote access features, however we know that some customers don't like playing with their network settings. Because of this we also offer a complete remote setup service, where one of our helpdesk team logs in to your computer and gets it all up and running for you. See here for more details

Wireless CCTV systems are some of our most popular kits, perfect for areas where you can't run cables directly to a recorder, or when you might need to move a camera's location. They do have some inherent limitations however, as they typically can't transmit images of the same resolution as wired cameras, and carry a risk of potential wireless interference. There is a way around this, however. This Hikvision wifi camera system uses IP cameras that connect to a recorder via your building's wireless network.

Connecting via Wifi allows the cameras to work at significantly higher resolutions than traditional wireless cameras, up to 4 megapixels (2688x1520), or twice that of Full HD. It also means you are using an existing wireless signal, rather than broadcasting a new one that could be prone to interference. All you need to do is check that there is signal at the location where you want to install each camera (using a phone is a great way to check this), and that you can reach it with the included 12V power cable. The cameras are first plugged into the recorder for an initial configuration, then after that connect using Wifi.

The recorder itself is a professional grade HD model from Hikvision, capable of recording full resolution footage from each camera without any loss in quality. We have included a 2TB hard drive, enough for around 7 days of 24 hour recording, although this can be increased using the advanced motion detection and scheduling settings. The hard drive can also be upgraded if more storage is required. The network video recorder connects to your router, letting you watch your cameras or recordings from anywhere using a PC, phone or tablet. The PC app even lets you configure Hivkision's smart detection features, including line crossing, object removal and instrusion detection.

Hikvison Wifi Camera System - 4x 4MP Domes, 30m IR, 2TB NVR

£1,068.52 £896.00 inc VAT

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