TVI to HDMI Converter with Loopthrough - Monitor Cameras on TV

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Accessories - TVI to HDMI Converter with Loopthrough - Monitor Cameras on TV
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  • TVI to HDMI Converter- Lets you view HD-TVI cameras on a standard HDMI TV or monitor
  • 1080p Output- Provides video at 1920x1080p Full HD resolution
  • No Loss In Quality- Footage is converted from the camera with no additional compression or loss in quality
  • Loop Through- Also includes BNC video output, letting you position the converter between the camera and a recorder or Balun
  • Compatible with Long Cable Runs- When using good quality RG59 cable, the converter can work at the end up of runs up to 100m in length


HD-TVI cameras record exceptional quality video, but their video format it can be frustrating to use them with other HD accessories. This TVI to HDMI converter is a simple solution, letting you watch a 1080p camera directly on almost any HD TV or monitor without any extra compression or loss in quality.

The device also features a BNC output, providing a loopthrough for the video. This means you can install the converter in between the camera and a recorder, or before a Balun.

What's in the box?

  • 1x TVI to HDMI converter
  • 1x Mains power supply

Technical Specification

Input Level: >500 mVp-p
Output Format: HDMI 1.4b
Input Cable Equalisation: 1080p 720p Supporting 100m75-5 Cable input with distance of 100m
Input Format: 1080p @25fps 720p @25/50fps Compatible with V2.0 HD-TVI
Input Impedance: 75 Ohms
Output Resolution: 720p @50fps 1080p @50fps
Output Format: HDMI 1.4b D type 10m Distance
LED: 1x Power 1x Video Source
Power Supply: 12V DC 1A
Power Consumption: <8W
Working Humidity: 10-90%
Working Temperature: -30°c to +75°c
Dimensions: 50x30x25mm

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