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Hikvision TurboHD 4 Channel TVI DVR with 1TB Hard Drive

Product Code: 4DVRHK11TB

Cctv Recorders - Hikvision TurboHD 4 Channel TVI DVR with 1TB Hard Drive

Hikvision TurboHD 4 Channel TVI DVR with 1TB Hard Drive

£219.00 £186.15 inc VAT

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What are the benefits of TVI HD?

  • Uncompressed HD Video- TVI is a revolutionary new recording format for CCTV, that allows virtually uncompressed recording at resolutions simply not possible with traditional analogue cameras. Just check the screenshots and video for comparison to 700TVL cameras!
  • Plug and Play Setup- Unlike IP systems that need to be configured on your network, TVI kits simply connect together using standard coax cables. This combines the quality of HD with the easy setup of analogue, and allows you to use existing RG59 wiring if you are upgrading a system
  • No Playback Delay- With IP cameras over a network there is a slight delay in the video playback. TVI systems are wired directly to the recorder, meaning live playback is actually live!


  • Hikvision TVI recorder- Confidence in a leading global brand at the forefront of CCTV technology, spearheading the amazing quality and flexibility of TVI
  • 1080p Full HD- Superb quality from analogue cameras giving you an impressive 25 fps at 1920x1080p for crystal clear images
  • Upgrading your current system- The amazing TVI technology recorder will even work with traditional analogue CCTV cameras (700-1000TVL). Not only will your old cameras record, you can run the TVI cameras on your existing coax cables - result!
  • 4 Video Channels- Perfect for home and small business installations
  • Audio Recording- Add a microphone to your system for video and audio recording
  • 1TB Hard-drive included- With 1 HDD bay, you can upgrade the system to 6TB if you require more space with our pro grade security hard-drives
  • Recording time- With 1TB you will get from 6 days - +6 months depending on how you set up the unit to record
  • Multiple Recording modes- With this cutting edge TVI DVR you can select from several modes to give you the ultimate in flexible recording options, including motion detection, scheduled, manual and more
  • Crystal Clear playback- Watch this unit using HDMI, VGA or old faithful BNC composite outputs. Or if you're on the move via your LAN connection by phone or laptop
  • Simple User Interface- Hikvision lead when it comes to usability and ease of use, this DVR is no different
  • Powerful remote access software- After some simple configuration, this unit works worldwide via any smartphone or computer once connected to your router
  • Mobile viewing- Unlike most, this system works seamlessly with iPhone iOS, Windows and Android platforms

We often talk to existing CCTV system users who want to take advantage of the huge leap in quality that comes with upgrading to a 1080p HD camera system, but are concerned about the extra complexity of moving to an IP camera system. This 4 channel Turbo HD TVI DVR from Hikvision is the perfect answer to those questions, providing highly detailed video recordings whilst still keeping the plug and play simplicity and backwards compatibility of a traditional CCTV DVR.

Turbo HD TVI is a new format from Hikvision that allows the recorder to capture Full HD 1080p video from cameras using a standard coaxial cable with BNC connectors. When used with Turbo HD TVI cameras this ensures huge amounts of detail are recorded, for footage that meets the most exacting commercial security requirements, with 1920x1080p video recorded independently from each camera. As it is compatible with traditional analogue CCTV and cables, this means you can upgrade your security system bit-by-bit, replacing individual cameras rather than stumping for a complete system in one go.

As with all of our professional CCTV DVRs, this unit is packed with a full suite of fully adjustable recording modes, including motion detection and 7 day schedule, as well as alarm connections to integrate with existing security systems. Each of these can also be set on a camera-by-camera basis. Audio inputs also allow you to run CCTV microphones next to your cameras, providing sound monitoring as well as video. The recorder also has VGA and HDMI outputs, providing an easy way to connect it to a TV or monitor to view your cameras.

As is befitting for a modern security recorder, the DVR also features a LAN connector for setting up remote online access. This connects directly to your router, and once configured allows you to view live footage, recorded files and even change recording settings from anywhere in the world securely using a PC or Mac. You can even access your footage via mobile using Android, iOS or Windows Phone handsets, letting you stay close to your property no matter where you are.

Hikvision TurboHD 4 Channel TVI DVR with 1TB Hard Drive

£219.00 £186.15 inc VAT

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