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Hikvision Turbo HD TVI 1080p 40m IR Motorised Zoom Bullet CCTV Camera

Product Code: HKTVI50MVFGB

Security Cctv Cameras - Hikvision Turbo HD TVI 1080p 40m IR Motorised Zoom Bullet CCTV Camera

Hikvision Turbo HD TVI 1080p 40m IR Motorised Zoom Bullet CCTV Camera

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What are the Benefits of TVI HD?

  • Uncompressed HD Video- TVI is a revolutionary new recording format for CCTV, that allows virtually uncompressed recording at resolutions simply not possible with traditional analogue cameras. Just check the screenshots and video for comparison to 700TVL cameras
  • Plug and Play Setup- Unlike IP systems that need to be configured on your network, TVI kits simply connect together using standard coax cables. This combines the quality of HD with the easy setup of analogue, and allows you to use existing RG59 wiring if you are upgrading a system
  • No Playback Delay- With IP cameras over a network there is a slight delay in the video playback. TVI systems are wired directly to the recorder, meaning live playback is actually live

Camera Features

  • Hikvision Camera- Produced by Hikvision, one of the world's leading manufacturers of video surveillance technology
  • Full 1080p Recording- Capture your subjects in super crisp 1920x1080p Full HD at 25fps, giving you super clear security footage full of vital visible details
  • Motorised Zoom Lens- Lets you zoom the camera in and out remotely, controlled from your DVR or using a UTC Controller. The lens' field of view anc be adjusted between 92-32 degrees
  • 40M IR Night Vision- Capture footage in any light conditions with an impressive 50 metres of night vision coverage
  • In-depth Picture Setting Control- When used with a TVI compatible DVR allows access to more control over the camera's picture settings, including Wide Dynamic Range mode allowing you to improve highlight and shadow detail
  • IP66 Rated Casing- Camera features weatherproof casing allowing it to be used in a variety of security situations in outdoor and exposed locations
  • Plug And Play - Simply use standard BNC connectors to quickly and easily connect camera to any TVI compatible DVR unit
  • Until now if you wanted to get full quality HD images from your security system the only real option was setting up IP cameras on a network. Some of us more techy types find tweaking around with IP addresses and network settings fun, however most people would rather just plug in some cable and get going, especially in a large commercial set-up where simplicity and ease of use is important.

    Turbo HD TVI technology allows the sending of uncompressed 1080p full quality video over the standard coax cable used in most CCTV systems. This can give you the ability to upgrade your existing analogue system to super high quality cameras and DVRs without needing to tear out your existing cabling infrastructure and put in a new one.

    As well as extremely detailed and clear images and zero delay playback giving you truly live surveillance, this camera is packed with features making it versatile enough for almost any security application. To give you true accuracy and flexibility of coverage, the camera features a motorised lens, allowing you to zoom in from 92 to 32 degrees remotely using your DVR, or with a UTC Controller. The camera also boasts 40 metres of night vision capability using Hikvision's EXIR Infra-red technology for more even and reliable low light images. Bi-directional communication with the camera also gives more options for precise control, allowing access to wide dynamic range and image controls.

    This camera packs all the features needed for a professional security system while giving you plenty of options for flexibility. It is also ideal for upgrading an existing system to high quality HD without rewiring your existing set-up or needing to set up IP cameras on a network.

    You don't have to take our word for it though, check out our comparison video to really see how much better your security footage could be with a Turbo HD TVI system.

Hikvision Turbo HD TVI 1080p 40m IR Motorised Zoom Bullet CCTV Camera

£135.00 inc VAT

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