Hikvision IP PTZ Camera - 2MP with 25x Zoom, 100m Night vision

Product Code: HKIP21025PTZ

Security Cctv Cameras - Hikvision IP PTZ Camera - 2MP with 25x Zoom, 100m Night vision
Hikvision 2mp 20x zoom ptz camera front view
Hikvision 20x zoom 2MP PTZ dome camera with bracket
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  • Hikvision PTZ Camera- Mounted to a motorised base, allowing you to remotely pan, tilt and zoom the camera. Ideal for monitoring open spaces such as car parks, which would otherwise need multiple cameras
  • 1080p HD- Records clear, sharp video in 1920x1080 full HD, or 2 megapixel, resolution
  • 25x Optical Zoom- Shift from a 58&Deg; wide angle to a tiny 2.5° field of view, ensuring you can capture incredible subject detail
  • Low Lux Sensor- Advanced imaging chip can record pictures in conditions as dark as 0.005 Lux before having to switch to night vision, helping you record in colour for more hours of the day
  • 100m Night Vision- Powerful IR LEDs are mounted behind a special anti-reflective screen, providing huge night vision range perfect for unlit outdoor spaces
  • Smart IR- Automatically reduces intensity for closer subjects, preventing them from becoming overexposed and losing detail
  • IP66 Housing- Metal camera housing is rated as completely weatherproof & suitable for outdoor use
  • Easy Remote Control- Camera movements can be controlled using a PC or smartphone app, via a recorder, or with a dedicated hardware controller
  • Smart Detection Features- Supports Hikvision's latest triggering options, including intrusion and line crossing detection
  • Programmable Movements- Store up to 300 pre set camera positions, or 8 programmed camera patrols
  • MicroSD Card Slot- Includes memory card slot, letting you capture clips of footage without an external recorder (card not included). Can also be used as an emergency backup in case your network connection goes down
  • Power over Ethernet- Camera draws power from the network connection, so you don't need to run multiple cables to the camera

This Hikvision pan-tilt-zoom camera's large zoom and night vision range make it a fantastic way to monitor larger open spaces such as a car park or farm. The motorised base can be controlled using a recorder, or even your PC or smartphone, providing 360 degree coverage of your property right at your fingertips.

The camera is built around a 2mp sensor, recording 1080p Full HD video. This is combined with a 25x optical zoom lens, letting you focus on incredibly fine details on nearby subjects, or on subjects right on the other side of your property. A bank of powerful infrared LEDs illuminates everything up to 100m away, whilst the camera's Smart IR feature reduces the intensity for objects closer to the camera, keeping them clearly lit.

When connected to a Hikvision NVR, the camera supports a wide range of smart features, including intrusion and line crossing detection. It also allows a wide range of automated movements, including up to 300 pre set camera positions, and 8 programmed patrols. The high speed tracking lets you easily follow subjects either using the onscreen camera controls, or with a hardware controller. This all makes the camera a powerful security tool, whether set up as a standalone device, or adding flexible coverage to a larger system.