Hikvision Fisheye IP Camera - 12MP with 15m Night Vision, Audio

Product Code: HKIP1215F-AS

Security Cctv Cameras - Hikvision Fisheye IP Camera - 12MP with 15m Night Vision, Audio
Hikvision fisheye camera view
Hikvision fisheye camera view with ROI
Hikvision fisheye panoramic view
Hikvision 12mp fisheye camera side view
Hikvision 12mp fisheye ip camera flat side view
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Fisheye Camera Features

  • Hikvision Fisheye Camera- Uses a specialist lens to record a 360° field of view, allowing you to cover a huge area with just one camera. Perfect for open plan offices and warehouses
  • 12MP Resolution- Camera uses an incredible 12 megapixel sensor to record video at 4000x3072. This lets you crop in to tiny areas of the image but still retain fine details
  • Remote Access- Use Hikvision's software to view the camera from any PC. The camera's imaging processing "unwraps" the feed, letting you watch it in several different ways
  • Fisheye Mode- Displays a circular image, showing the camera's entire field of view
  • PTZ Mode- Probably the most commonly used mode, lets you select IP to 4 regions of interest that can be moved around in the field of view. Despite being small crops, these can still record at up to 1600x1200 resolution
  • Panoramic Mode- Unwraps the image into horizontal panoramas from around the camera's circumference
  • Customisable Playback- Hikvision's IVMS software lets you combine these views, for example showing a fisheye along with 3 regions of interest (see screenshots above)
  • Multiple Mouting Modes- Mount camera from the ceiling, on a wall, or on a table

Other Camera Features

  • 15m Night Vision- Three sets of IR LEDs provide clear night vision all across the frame
  • 2 Way Audio- In built microphone and speaker allow you to listen to subjects in the room, as well as using remote talk-back through the camera
  • IP66- Fully weatherproof housing allows camera to be used indoors or outdoors
  • Smart Detection Modes- Allows use of Hikvision's video analytics, including line crossing, intrusion and object removal detection
  • Power over Ethernet- Draws power from the network cable, removing the need to install a separate power supply

Planning the location of cameras is one of the most tricky parts of purchasing a security system - do they focus on high traffic areas like doorways, or get it all in a wide field of view? By capturing a complete 360 degree field of view with a huge 12MP resolution, this Hikvision fisheye IP camera makes the entire argument redundant. It's a perfect solution for large spaces with multiple areas of interest, all without the size and complexity of a pan-tilt-zoom camera.

The camera is built around a massive 4000x3072 sensor, fitted with a circular fisheye lens. When mounted on the ceiling, this captures everything that is happening below the camera in incredibly high detail. When used with Hikvision's IVMS software, you can choose from a range of viewing modes, including panoramic, and up to 4 simultaneous regions regions of interest. That's like having 4 PTZ cameras in one location! It's a perfect solution for sites such as warehouses or open plan offices.

In addition to the advanced imaging functions, the camera also boasts IR LEDs for 15m of night vision range in every direction. A microphone and small speaker also provides 2 way audio, letting you listen to subjects as well as talking back through the camera. The camera housing is also IP66 rated, allowing installation indoors or outdoors.