Hikvision Easy TVI 8 Turret Camera CCTV system - 20m IR, 2TB DVR

Product Code: TVI7T8E2TB

Hikvision easy tvi 4-in-1 turret camera
Easy TVI 8 channel CCTV DVR
Hikvision easy tvi 8 channel recorder rear view
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  • Ideal Home CCTV System- Hikvision's Easy TVI range has been purpose designed for simple installation and great value for money, perfect for home users planning a DIY setup
  • 8 Cameras- Allows enough coverage for a large residential property, or even a retail space or office
  • Outdoor Turret Cameras- Compact cameras are discreet enough for indoor security, whilst IP66 rated weatherproof housings also allow outdoor use
  • 20m Night Vision- Infrared LEDs allow camera to work even in the dead of night in completely unlit areas. Essential for recording in gardens and driveways
  • Plug-and-Play- Cameras just need to be connected to power and then plugged in to the back of the recorder. No network configuration is needed to get them protecting your property
  • Wide Angle Lens- 2.8mm lens records everything in a 103° arc in front of the camera
  • 10m Cables- Kit includes a pre-cut 10m BNC cable for each camera, so you don't need to mess about with reels
  • 8 Channel DVR- Included digital video recorder provides in depth recording controls, with features like motion detection and scheduling adjustable on a per camera basis
  • 2TB Hard Drive- Ships with 2TB of storage ready installed, though this can also be upgraded if you need more recording time
  • HD Recording- Captures sharp, clear videos at 1080 lite (1.2 megapixel) resolution
  • Audio Input- Recorder features one channel of audio recording, letting you add a microphone to your system
  • Remote Access- DVR connects to your network router, allowing viewing of live or recorded footage from anywhere, using PC, phone or tablet

Hikvision's recorders include full instructions on how to set up remote access, however we know that some customers aren't comfortable with adjusting network settings. Because of this, we offer a complete set up service, where one of our helpdesk team configures it all for you remotely. Check our silver setup page for more details

CCTV heavyweights Hikvision have put designed this Easy TVI 8 camera CCTV system specifically for home users, providing extensive, high resolution coverage that won't break the bank. The kit is bundled with every single cable and connector required to get it up and running, making it a great choice for anyone planning a DIY installation on a large house or residential property.

The system includes 8 high definition turret cameras. This style of housing both protects the electronics and keeps the camera small and discreet, making it popular for interior spaces like shops. The housing is also IP66 weatherproof, so it's great for outdoor use as well. Infrared LEDs provide each camera with 20m of night vision, letting them work 24-7 in completely unlit spaces. The cameras work using HD-TVI technology, so all you have to do is plug them into power and then the back of the recorder and you're set, no confusing network configuration required.

As well as 10m cabling for each camera, the system includes an 8 channel DVR, capable of recording HD footage from each camera in 1080 lite resolution. IT ships pre-fitted with 2TB of storage - enough for around 2 weeks of footage - however this can also be upgraded if more space is required. By connecting the recorder to your network router, you can also configure remote access. Once set up, this lets you securely watch live and recorded camera footage from anywhere using a PC, phone or tablet.