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Hikvision 4K CCTV System with 4 30m Turret Cameras, 4TB NVR

Product Code: PK4K744TB

Cctv Systems - Hikvision 4K CCTV System with 4 30m Turret Cameras, 4TB NVR

Hikvision 4K CCTV System with 4 30m Turret Cameras, 4TB NVR

£1,792.00 £1,478.94 inc VAT

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Camera Features

  • Hikvision 4K IP Camera- Advanced security camera from the largest manufacturer of surveillance gear in the world
  • 8 Megapixel Video- Records 3840x2160 video files, capturing 4 times the subject detail of even 1080p. Enugh for even the most demanding applications
  • Turret Camera- Compact housing has a low profile, making it great for retail or club security
  • 30m Night Vision- Despite it's small size, camera packs 30m night vision range, enough for outdoor spaces
  • Power Over Ethernet- Draws power from the network cables, so no need for installing annoying extra power supplies
  • IP67 Housing- Camera is entirely weatherproof, allowing use outdoors
  • Smart Features- Packs Hikvision's latest range of automation features, including face detection, entry/exit detection and line cross detection
  • H.265 Compression- Advanced video compression lets you record for longer without having to clear your hard drive, all with no drop in image quality

Recorder Features

  • 4K Recording- NVR captures huge 3840x2160 video files, so you won't lose any of the cameras' image quality
  • Up to 8 Cameras- Works with 4 cameras at 4K, or drop the quality down to "only" 1080p to record up to 8 cameras
  • Audio Recording- Features an RCA audio input, letting you add a microphone to the system
  • 4TB Hard Drive- Price includes a pre-installed 4TB hard drive for storing footage, however this can also be upgraded if more space is needed. Just check the dropdown at the top of the page
  • Double Hard Drive Bays- Includes space for a second hard drive, allowing a huge maximum capacity of 12TB
  • HDMI & VGA Output- Lets you easily connect recorder to a TV or screen for local monitoring
  • PC & Mobile Access- Connect NVR to your router to allow remote viewing of live or recorded footage over the internet. View cameras from PC, Mac or mobile device

We frequently speak to customers who find that even 1080p full HD cameras don't have enough resolution for their needs. For example, if you need to identify specific faces, monitor large crowds of people, or track small subjects in a large area, then you need to record the most detail possible. Thankfully, our selection of Hikvision 4K CCTV kits record huge 8 megapixel video files (380x2160), resolving four times the subject detail of 1080p.

This system is no exception, featuring 3 high resolution but compact turret cameras. The discreet housings make them ideal for retail or club security. They are also IP67 rated, making them weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use. What's more, they also boast HIkvision's range of smart detection features. These use advanced video analytics to allow a whole range of automation options. They include face detection, line crossing detection - even unattended baggage notifications. The cameras use power-over-ethernet, so they draw power from the recorder instead of needing individual power supplies.

The included Network Video Recorder (NVR) features a 4TB hard drive for storing footage, although this can be upgraded using the dropdown menu at the top of the page. The NVR actually has two hard drive bays, allowing you a ridiculous maximum storage capacity of 12TB! It actually has 8 POE ports. This means that you connect 4 cameras at full 4K resolution, or drop the quality down to "only" 1080p to add an additional 4. Connect the NVR to your router to configure the remote access feature, letting you watch live or recorded footage from your cameras from anywhere using a PC, Mac or mobile device.

Hikvision 4K CCTV System with 4 30m Turret Cameras, 4TB NVR

£1,792.00 £1,478.94 inc VAT

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