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Hikvision 4 Dome Camera Easy IP System - 1080p, 1TB NVR

Product Code: PKE2741TB

Cctv Systems - Hikvision 4 Dome Camera Easy IP System - 1080p, 1TB NVR

Hikvision 4 Dome Camera Easy IP System - 1080p, 1TB NVR

£486.53 £439.00 inc VAT

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Camera Features

  • Hikvision Easy IP- New range from the world's largest manufacturer of CCTV, providing great value for money and simple setup, all without compromising on image quality
  • 1080p Full HD- Records footage in 1920x1080 resolution, for high quality videos with easily identifiable subjects
  • 30m Night Vision- Infrared LEDs provide clear recording after dark, even in gardens and driveways
  • Wide Angle Lens- Records every subject within a 95° field of view
  • IP67 Housing- Protected by a completely weatherproof housing, allowing use in exposed outdoor locations
  • Digital Noise Reduction- Uses the same noise reduction technology as Hikvision's commercial cameras, helping keep a clean image even in low light

Recorder Features

  • 8 Camera Recorder- Extra camera inputs mean you can easily expand your system with up to 4 additional cameras at a later date
  • Full HD Recording- Captures footage at resolutions up to 4 megapixels (with compatible cameras), so you can be sure that you won't lose any camera quality
  • 1TB Hard Drive- Ships with pre-fitted 1TB HDD to store footage, though this can be upgraded using the dropdown at the top of the page if more storage is needed
  • Remote Access- Connect NVR to your router for remote and mobile access. This lets you watch your cameras live from anywhere using a PC or smartphone
  • HDMI Output- As well as watching remotely, you can keep an eye on your cameras in the same building by connecting the recorder to a monitor or TV
  • Smart Features- Advanced video analytics help automate recording and searching your footage

As the largest manufacturer of CCTV on the planet, Hikvision are constantly working to make their HD security systems accessible for the home user. Their Easy IP range is a perfect example of this, providing great value for money and simple installation, all without compromising on quality. This 4 dome camera IP security system is one of the latest in this range, recording footage in crystal clear 1080p HD.

The kit includes 4 outdoor turret cameras, each housed inside of an IP67 rated weatherproof casing. Combined with their 30m night vision range, this makes them suitable for monitoring large unlit areas such as gardens or driveways. Their small size and wide angle lenses however make them great for indoor use as well. They record footage at 1920x1080 resolution, enough to make out fine subject details during playback. The cameras are Power over Ethernet (PoE), meaning they draw power from the network cable rather than needing a separate power supply.

As well as 10m of waterproof cable per camera, the kit also includes an HD network video recorder (NVR) to store footage and automate recording. The recorder captures video at a maximum of 4 megapixel resolution, so there's no risk of losing quality from the cameras. It also has inputs for up to 8 cameras, letting you easily expand the system at a later date. As well as a host of adjustable recording an triggering settings, the NVR connects to your router to allow remote access. Once configured, you can use this to view your cameras live from anywhere using a PC or mobile device.

Hikvision 4 Dome Camera Easy IP System - 1080p, 1TB NVR

£486.53 £439.00 inc VAT

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