Hikvision 4 Camera 4MP IP CCTV System with 20m Night Vision, 2TB NVR

Product Code: PKIP342TB

Cctv Systems - Hikvision 4 Camera 4MP IP CCTV System with 20m Night Vision, 2TB NVR
Hikvision 4mp bullet IP camera with 20m night vision
Hikvision 4 channel HD NVR
10m CAt6 outdoor cable
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  • 4 Camera IP CCTV System- All inclusive high performance security system ideal for monitoring a home or small business property
  • 4MP Resolution- Records at an amazing 4 megapixel (2688x1520) image size, capturing more than twice the detail of even 1080p Full HD
  • 20m Night Vision- Cameras continue to record clearly after dark thanks to a ring of infra-red LEDs
  • Outdoor Cameras- Housings are IP67 rated, providing the highest level of weather protection available for CCTV
  • Wide Dynamic Range- Advanced imaging chips allow the cameras to record detailed shadows and highlights, so you can still rely on them even in tricky high-contrast lighting
  • Power Over Ethernet- Recorder is POE enabled, letting it send power to the cameras down the included cables, and removing the need to set up additional power supplies
  • Mobile Access- NVR connects to your router, allowing remote access to watch live or recorded footage over PC, mobile or tablet
  • 2TB HDD- Ships with a 2TB drive preinstalled to hold footage, which can also be upgraded using the menu at the top of the page if more room is needed
  • HDMI Output- Plug the recorder directly into a TV or monitor to watch footage in Full HD
  • Advanced Recording Modes- Including adjustable motion detection and 7 day scheduling, all configurable on a camera-by-camera basis
  • Alarm In/Out- Recorder can be connected to an external alarm, creating a fully integrated security system

Hikvision are the most established and trusted name in CCTV technology, with cameras protecting homes and businesses across the globe. This 4 camera IP CCTV system uses their latest range of ultra high resolution 4 megapixel (4MP) cameras to capture images with over twice the detail of even 1080p Full HD. This level of detail makes them one of the most powerful options on the market for constant recording, but without the storage demands of 4K. The system is ideal for advanced home or retail security.

The cameras pack all of this recording power into a surprisingly tight package, measuring only 15cm with the bracket. The housing is also rated IP67, for the highest level of waterproofing available for CCTV cameras. Infra red LEDs provide 20m of night vision to make sure your property is still secured after dark. The sensor's wide dynamic range also ensures it can record detail in challenging high contrast lighting. Crucially, the cameras also work via POE, or Power-Over-Ethernet. This means the recorder can send power to them down the cable, removing the need for additional power supplies.

The recorder itself is pre-fitted with a 2TB hard drive to store many day's worth of footage, although if you need to handle more then you can always upgrade this with the menu at the top of the page. As with all of our professional grade CCTV recorders, it has a host of adjustable recording modes. These include motion detection, scheduling, and even triggering from an external alarm. The NVR has an HDMI output to watch the cameras live on a TV or monitor, or you can watch remotely using a PC, mobile or tablet.