High sensitivity CCTV Microphone with Pre-Amp and In-Line Power

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Accessories - High sensitivity CCTV Microphone with Pre-Amp and In-Line Power
high sensitivity cctv mic in hand
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Our standard CCTV microphones are a great way to discreetly record audio with your video footage, however they are not designed for sensitive subjects, and have a small effective range. Because of this, we have designed this new model that includes a built-in preamp, greatly boosting the microphone's recording sensitivity. This makes it perfect for monitoring subjects in quiet interior locations.

The microphone uses in-line power, allowing you to connect it to the same power supply as a CCTV camera, with both devices running from one plug. This makes it easy to integrate into a security system, and the RCA phono cable can be plugged directly into the back of most DVRs.

What's in the box?

  • 1x High sensitivity CCTV microphone

Technical Specification

Voltage: 12V
DC Power Input: 2.1mm Female (Red)
DC Power Output: 2.1mm Male (Black)
Audio Output: RCA Phono (White)

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