Green Feathers HD IP Bird Box Camera Mobile Access

Product Code: NCIP918M

Wildlife Cameras - Green Feathers HD IP Bird Box Camera Mobile Access
HD IP bird box camera
HD IP bird box camera with night vision
HD IP bird box camera wiring guide
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HD IP bird box camera cable connectors
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  • HD Bird Box Camera- Lets you watch chicks grow in a nest house in clear 1280x960 HD. This makes it ideal for enthusiast and professional nature watchers
  • IP Network Camera- Records digital video, then sends it down a network cable straight to your router or network switch
  • Mobile & iPad Access- In addition to watching on PC, you can also watch live wherever you are using the free mobile app. This camera needs an initial configuration on PC, after which you can simply log in using a mobile device
  • Night Vision- IR LEDs allow camera to record even in complete darkness
  • Colour Video- Records in full colour when in good lighting conditions
  • Wide Angle Lens- 2.8mm lens is designed to capture as much of the inside of the bird box as possible, with a 92° field of view
  • True-to-life Colours- IR-cut Filter on the imaging chip helps prevent the strong colour cast seen in daylight with cheaper IR cameras, and allows the camera to record vibrant, accurate colours
  • Image Controls- Wide dynamic range and noise reduction modes allow you to adjust to get the best picture for your setup
  • PC Recording- CMS software lets you record footage straight to your PC
  • NAS Drive Compatible- Allows motion detection and scheduled recording to network attached drives

SpyCameraCCTV is proud to present the UKs first HD IP bird box camera, from our exclusive Green Feathers brand which allows you to watch the inside of your bird box over the internet via smartphone or iPad- all in incredible HD! There's no other bird box camera on the market that is true HD or accessible over the internet.

Our wireless bird box camera has been one of our most popular ever cameras, allowing you to easily watch chicks hatch in a nest box on your TV. However, we often get asked if you can view it on a mobile or tablet, and this isn't really possible without using a recorder. Now with our HD IP model, you can plug it straight in to your router and, after an initial setup using a PC, log in via a mobile or iPad to view live wherever you are!

The camera itself has also been upgraded, now recording in 960p (1280x960) HD, providing the clearest possible image of the birds at home in the nest. IR LEDs provide clear night vision for recording after dark, and if there is good lighting conditions then the camera can record in colour. A wide angle lens also helps get everything in the frame, even in the most compact nest boxes.

The kit includes a 20m Cat5e ethernet cable with waterproof connector, which runs straight from the camera to your router or network switch. Once configured via an app, you can then view the camera live on your mobile device. If viewing using a PC, then the CMS software lets you record footage and, if used with a NAS drive, set up motion detection and scheduled recording.

We also offer a remote set up service to completely configure the camera for you, and provide ongoing support. See here for more details