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Gamut TVI 1080p HD Covert Security System - 2 Pinhole Cameras, 1TB DVR

Product Code: TVIPH2G1TB

Cctv Systems - Gamut TVI 1080p HD Covert Security System - 2 Pinhole Cameras, 1TB DVR

Gamut TVI 1080p HD Covert Security System - 2 Pinhole Cameras, 1TB DVR

£407.98 £367.18 inc VAT

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What are the Benefits of TVI HD?

  • 1080p HD Video- TVI technology allows footage to be recorded and played back at 1920x1080p full HD. This helps capture the maximum amount of detail

  • Plug and Play- No network configuration is required to view or record the cameras, it's just a matter of plugging them in to the DVR

  • RG59 Cables- TVI uses standard CCTV cables with BNC connectors, as used in many traditional analogue systems. This makes it simple to upgrade your current system.

  • No Delay- With HD IP cameras there can be a delay when watching a live camera. With TVI on the other hand, live means live!

Camera Features

  • Tiny Spy Camera- Includes 2 compact spy cameras, measuring only 35x35mm. This makes them easy to discreetly install

  • Pinhole Lens- Conical pinhole lens can see through gaps as narrow as 2mm, allowing you to hide camera behind a shelf or ceiling tile whilst still recording

  • Colour Video- Records in full colour when in good lighting conditions

  • Low Light Mode- When there is less light, camera switches to black & white, boosting sensitivity to 0.1 lux

Recorder Features

  • 4 Channels of Video- Allows you to add up to 2 extra cameras to your system at a later date

  • Full HD DVR- Footage can be recorded and played back at 1080p over HDMI, so you won't lose any quality from the cameras

  • Hybrid Recorder- DVR can work with most formats of HD CCTV, as well as traditional analogue cameras. This means you can easily integrate other cameras into the system at a later date

  • 1TB Hard Drive- Recorder comes pre-installed with enough storage for around 2 weeks of 24/7 recording, but this can also be upgraded should you need more footage

  • Professional Recording Settings- Includes motion detection and 7 day scheduling, all adjustable per camera

  • Remote Access- Connect DVR to your router in order to configure live viewing over PC & mobile device. Our remote set up service can help you get this up and running, and provide ongoing support. See here for more details

  • Alarm In/Out- Connect an alarm system to the recorder, letting the alarm trigger recording, or vice versa

A good quality CCTV system is one of the most important assets a small business can have, helping protect both people and property. There are some situations however, where traditional dome or bullet cameras would not be suitable, such as trying to monitor a stock room for staff theft. With these delicate situations in mind, we have put together this complete 2 camera covert security system. Crucially, the included Gamut TVI pinhole cameras mean you don't have to choose between discreet cameras and a quality picture.

The included cameras are really compact- measuring only 35x35mm- allowing it to be concealed from view. The conical pinhole lens is designed to see through gaps as small as 2mm wide, so you can easily hide them out of view on a shelf or in a suspended ceiling. The cameras record in colour until it gets dark, when they switch to black and white in order to boost sensitivity down to 0.1 Lux.

Gamut's TVI cameras record in 1080p Full HD, making them amongst the highest resolution pinhole cameras on the market. They connect to the recorder using standard plug-and-play AV cables and BNC connectors, so if you have an existing CCTV system you may even be able to use your existing wiring!

The kit also includes a 4 channel Hybrid CCTV DVR, capable of recording and playing back the video in Full HD over HDMI. It features a fell suite of settings such as motion detection and scheduling, as well as remote access via PC or mobile. Footage is recorded to a pre-installed 1TB hard drive, which can be upgraded if more storage is required. The recorder actually uses a hybrid HD system, which lets it capture footage from almost every HD CCTV format on the market, as well as traditional analogue cameras. This means it is incredibly easy to add up to 2 extra cameras to the recorder if you want to expand the system at a later date.

Gamut TVI 1080p HD Covert Security System - 2 Pinhole Cameras, 1TB DVR

£407.98 £367.18 inc VAT

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