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Gamut 1080p 4 Dome Camera TVI HD CCTV System - 20m IR, 2TB DVR

Product Code: TVI8T4G2TB

Cctv Systems - Gamut 1080p 4 Dome Camera TVI HD CCTV System - 20m IR, 2TB DVR

Gamut 1080p 4 Dome Camera TVI HD CCTV System - 20m IR, 2TB DVR

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What are the Benefits of TVI HD?

  • 1080p Full HD- TVI uses advanced image processing to to capture almost uncompressed Full HD video. This puts traditional CCTV in the dust, recording extra fine detail and true-to-life colour
  • Plug and Play- Simply uses industry standard twist-fit BNC connectors, so there is no need for complex network configuration in order to view cameras
  • RG59 Cables- Works with the same cables as most traditional CCTV systems, making it a great option to upgrade to
  • No Playback Delay- Unlike network IP cameras, there is no lag when viewing cameras on the recorder
  • Camera Features

  • 20m Night Vision Range- IR LEDs provide illumination for round-the-clock monitoring
  • Dome Housing- Compact design ideal for discreet business security
  • IP66 Rated- Weather proof casing allows camera to be used in exposed outdoor locations year-round
  • Wide Angle Lens- Provides a wide field of view, helping you watch over the largest possible area

Recorder Features

  • 1080p Full HD- Records and plays back footage at full resolution, so you won't be losing any of your cameras' quality
  • Hybrid DVR- In addition to HD TVI, the DVR is also compatible with competing formats such as AHD, and even traditional analogue cameras
  • 4 Channels- Records video from each camera independently. Also features 4 channels of audio should you want to add microphones
  • 2TB Hard Drive- Includes pre-installed HDD so you can get it up and running straight away
  • Remote & Mobile Access- Connect DVR to your router to view live cameras and adjust settings remotely via PC or mobile
  • Adjustable Controls- Includes motion detection and scheduling, all fully adjustable for each camera

The new range of HD-TVI camera kits from Gamut combine the pin-sharp 1080p recording of professional HD CCTV systems, with the plug-and-play setup of a simple home kit. This makes them the perfect choice if you want a hassle-free DIY installation, but don't want to compromise on image quality. This system uses compact dome cameras, perfect for business or retail security.

Gamut's cameras use the latest HD-TVI technology, allowing them to record incredible quality uncompressed 1080p Full HD video. The extra image quality preserves fine details, especially useful if you have to refer back to the recordings after an incident. Crucially, they also connect to the recorder using standard BNC plugs- the same type used in traditional CCTV cameras, making them a great option if you want to upgrade an existing system.

Each camera is housed in an IP66 rated outdoor dome, allowing them to be installed in exposed locations without being affected by the weather. They are also great as indoor cameras, with the compact housings helping to keep them discreet. IR LEDs provide 20m night vision range, helping monitor subjects even in unlit buildings or outdoor spaces. Each camera is also fitted with a wide angle lens, in order to watch over a large field of view.

Also included is a professional grade 4 channel HD CCTV DVR. This is capable of recording full resolution footage from each camera, and boasts 1080p playback via HDMI. The pre-installed 2TB hard drive over a week's worth of 24/7 footage from each camera, but this can also be upgraded should you need to hold more footage. The DVR has a full suite of recording settings, including motion detection and scheduling, fully adjustable on a camera-by-camera basis. It also has a network connection, allowing you to view footage remotely and adjust settings over a PC or mobile device. Should you want any help getting this configured, we also provide a full setup service with ongoing support- see here for more details

Gamut 1080p 4 Dome Camera TVI HD CCTV System - 20m IR, 2TB DVR

£514.63 £410.78 inc VAT

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