Gamut 16 Channel Hybrid DVR with 4TB Hard Drive

Product Code: 16DVRRS24TB

Cctv Recorders - Gamut 16 Channel Hybrid DVR with 4TB Hard Drive
16 channel hybrid DVR front view
16 channel hybrid DVR rear view
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  • Hybrid CCTV DVR- Highly adaptable recorder is compatible with almost any CCTV camera on the market, and can record from different camera formats on each channel. This makes it an ideal upgrade option if you have existing cameras
  • HD or Analogue- Compatible cameras include Sony's 700TVL EFFIO range, and Hikvision's Turbo HD-TVI. If it uses a BNC connector, then it should work
  • 1080p Full HD- Footage can be recorded in 1920x1080 Full HD, with even higher resolutions possible by dropping the recording frame rate
  • 8 Channels Audio- Uniquely, the recorder features separate audio recording for every video channel
  • 4TB HDD- Kit includes a pre-installed 4TB HDD as standard, however this can be upgraded using the dropdown options at the top of the page
  • Dual Hard Drive Recording- Features two hard drive bays to allow greatly expanded storage, up to a maximum of 12TB!
  • Fully Adjustable Recording Settings- As is befitting a professional recorder, this model features a full suite of motion detection and scheduled recording options, all configurable on a channel-by-channel basis
  • Remote Access- Connect recorder to your router to allow viewing of live and recorded camera footage anywhere in the world via a PC
  • Mobile Access- Once configured, camera footage can also be viewed remotely from an iOS or Android Mobile Device, letting you keep tabs on your property no matter where you are
  • HDMI Output- In addition to remote access, cameras can be viewed by simply plugging the recorder into a TV or monitor using a standard HDMI cable
  • PTZ Control- Compatible with PTZ cameras, allowing you to remotely control their movements via a joystick or PC browser
  • Alarm Connectors- RS485 terminals let you wire the recorder into a security alarm system, enabling the alarm to trigger the recorder or vice versa

AHD, HD-TVI, 960h, 4-in-1; the last few years have seen a huge number of new CCTV formats, and as a result making everything is compatible is a complete nightmare. Luckily, our new 16 channel hybrid CCTV DVR is designed to work with almost every format on the market- if it's got a BNC connector on it, then it should work.You can even connect cameras with different formats into different channels, and have them recording at the same time! This makes it a perfect option if you want to upgrade an existing security system, but don't want to replace all of the cameras.

Compatible camera include Sony's Effio range and Hikvision's Turbo HD-TVI. Footage is recorded in pin sharp 1080p HD, with even higher resolutions possible if the frame rate is reduced. The recorder also boasts multiple channels of audio recording, as well as a full suite of motion detection and scheduled recording options. Footage is recorded to the massive built-in 4TB hard drive, although even this can be upgraded if you need more storage- just check the menu at the top of the page for more options.

The DVR's HDMI output provides an easy way to monitor your cameras on a TV or monitor. You can also connect the DVR directly to your router, enabling remote access. Once configured, this lets you view live or recorded footage from anywhere in the world, via a PC or mobile device. The recorder includes all the instructions needed to complete this, however if you're not familiar with networking don't fret- we also offer a remote setup service that can get it all up and running for you. Just add this from the drop down at the top of the page.