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Digital Wireless Foaling Farm Camera Kit Long Range 300m with Audio

Product Code: WL3ADIG24

Wildlife Cameras - Digital Wireless Foaling Farm Camera Kit Long Range 300m with Audio

Digital Wireless Foaling Farm Camera Kit Long Range 300m with Audio

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  • Specialist Horse Foaling Camera Kit- we have put this kit together to meet the specific demands of horse foaling and livestock breeding. This long range wireless kit can be set up in your barn, allowing you to closely monitor images and audio of your animals from the comfort of your home! This also makes it great for use as a calving or lambing camera
  • 20m Night Vision Illumination- The array of 23 infrared LEDs provide clear video of subjects up to 20m away, even in complete darkness. This is perfect for the inside of a farm building at night
  • Sony CCD- The camera's high-grade imaging sensor guarantees crystal clear video with sharply defined detail. The camera records at 700TV lines resolution, enough to ensure you get a crisp image of your subject
  • Audio Recording- Not only does this kit transmit live video straight to your home, but also audio recorded from the camera's integrated microphone. This you can easily monitor every aspect of your livestock's behaviour 24 hours a day
  • Interference Free Wireless Transmission- This unique kit's Digital Transmitter and Receiver set is designed to prevent the signal interference that can occur with similar analogue equipment. This guarantees a reliably clear image, and allows longer transmission distances
  • 10m AV Cables- The pack also includes 10m of cable for either end of the wireless transmitters, so you don't need to install the camera right next to the transmitter
  • Up to 300m Wireless Range- When unobstructed and using the included antennae, the transmitter is capable of covering an incredible range. Please note, Solid obstructions can reduce this distance by up to half
  • Quick and Easy set up- Simply connect the camera and transmitter to the included 12V power supplies. If your power supply is a bit further away then we have a range of power extension cables perfect for the job!
  • Receiver connects straight to Television- The interference free wireless transmitter connects straight to a standard TV, so you can always keep one eye on your livestock!
  • Encrypted Transmission- Once paired with the receiver, the transmitter's signal is encrypted, preventing other users from viewing your video

Horse foaling season can be an incredibly stressful time of year when you are responsible for the welfare of Mares. Add in the fatigue from having to observe barns across a large property at all hours, and the result is often a testing time for breeders. With these specific needs in mind, our security camera experts have put together this powerful digital wireless CCTV system. Now you can remotely monitor your mares from the comfort of your home with high resolution video and clear audio.

Whilst the kit was initially built with foaling in mind, it has also proved popular as a calving or lambing camera, and even just for wildlife observation.

Included in the kit is a robust, weather resistant CCTV camera suitable for mounting indoors or outside, exposed to the worst of the elements. The camera is fitted with 23 infrared (IR) LEDs, providing enough night vision illumination to clearly see subjects up to 20m away, even in total darkness. Despite only being roughly the size of a toilet roll tube, this compact camera still boasts a high grade SONY CCD imaging chip. This fantastic device records full colour video at 700TV lines, guaranteeing crisp images with sharp detail. The camera also records and transmits audio from it's built in microphone. This is essential when you want to ensure you are following everything that happens in your barn.

Uniquely, the transmitter and receiver pack included in this package use digital wireless technology, preventing the signal interference that can often be a problem when using similar analogue hardware. Even in an area with many Wifi networks, the advanced transmitter guarantees a clear picture with no noise or banding. An added benefit is that this also boosts the signal's range, allowing unobstructed use from up to 300m away! The transmission is also encrypted, so once you have paired the transmitter and receiver together, other users will not be able to intercept your video!

Even if you have never set up a CCTV system before don't worry! All of our security camera systems are all inclusive kits, and we have gone to great lengths to make sure they're as easy as possible to put together. All cables and connectors are included, and it's simply a matter of connecting the camera & transmitter to the 12V power supplies. The receiver can then plug straight into your Television, to give you a quick and easy way of staying close to your livestock at this vital time.

We have taken care to ensure this system perfectly fits the needs of horse foaling, but it also makes a versatile solution to many wireless CCTV needs. In particular, it has proved a popular kit for remotely viewing night time wildlife.

Digital Wireless Foaling Farm Camera Kit Long Range 300m with Audio

£202.78 £172.36 inc VAT

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