Daylight White LED Light with In Line Power for 12V Bird Box Cameras

Product Code: BBLED3

Wildlife Cameras - Daylight White LED Light with In Line Power for 12V Bird Box Cameras
Daylight white LED for bird box cameras with in line power
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  • LED Illuminator for Bird Boxes- Small light purpose built to be installed inside of a bird or nest box
  • Improves Camera Footage- Allows bird box cameras to record without using night vision, improving image quality and colour recording
  • Daylight White- Uses true white LEDs, providing accurate colour balance
  • Night Time Cutoff- Built in photometer automatically switches the light off when ambient light levels drop. This turns off the LEDs at night, so it won't disturb the sleep cycle of the chicks
  • In Line Power- Can also be used in line with 12V cameras. Just connect it in between the camera and the power supply

Please note this light kit will only be powered by 12V cameras. If you have an 8V camera then we recommend the kit with an included power supply. If you have any questions, just get in touch with our helpdesk team


Bird box cameras are an incredibly popular way to watch wildlife in your garden, capturing amazing close up views of chicks as they hatch and grow. One common issue, however, is that the inside of the unlit box is too dark. Whilst bird box cameras get past this using night vision, this is always monochrome, so you can't see the full glory of the bird's feathers.

This small LED light is a great solution to this issue. You can install it inside of the box, where it provides just enough illumination for the camera to record without having to use night vision. Importantly, it has a built-in photometer, which cuts off the LEDs when the ambient light levels drop. This means the light is off at night time, so it won't disturb the sleep cycles of your feathered friends!

The light works with in-line power from any of our 12V bird box cameras. This means it simply connects in between the power supply and the camera, and means you don't need to set up an additional mains plug for the light. Please note, this feature is not compatible with our 8V bird box cameras.

What's in the box?

  • 1x LED light for bird boxes

Technical Specification

Day/Night: Automatic Switching (Day on Night off)
Power Input: 12V DC
Power Consumption: 40mA
Illumination: 1300 Lumens
Rated Life: 50000 Hours
Light Source: 3x High brightness LEDs
Colour Temperature: 6000-6500k (Daylight)
Beam Angle: 120 degrees
Material: PC Aluminium
Attached Cable Length: 50cm
Operational Temperature: -20°c to +60°c
Approx. Dimensions: 90mm x 18mm x 10mm (LxHxD)
Cable length: 52cm

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