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Peephole Door Camera and SD Card Recorder DVR, Who is at the door?

Product Code: DVRPEEP

Spy Cameras - Peephole Door Camera and SD Card Recorder DVR, Who is at the door?

Peephole Door Camera and SD Card Recorder DVR, Who is at the door?

£168.99 £134.89 inc VAT

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  • Wide-angle Lens - sees a wide field of view to capture everything even in a tight space
  • Low Light Capture - captures images in low light down to just 0.5 Lux
  • Discrete Size - fits snug into door without attracting attention
  • 4 Wireless Channels, 1 Wired Channel Input - Up to 4 Wireless 2.4GHz Security Cameras can be used with this Mini DVR and 1 CCTV Camera can be directly plugged in via the AV In plug on the unit. Please note however, it can only record 1 channel at any one time.
  • 3 Recording modes – Manual record, motion detection and scheduled record. This gives you the ultimate flexibility in setup.
  • Adjustable pre-record feature – 5 or 10 second pre-record options make sure you never miss a moment!
  • Boot recording – Allows instant recording from power up in an emergency.
  • High Resolution D1 recording - 720 x 576 at 25 FPS for amazing quality!
  • 32GB SD Card support - with automatic overwrite function.
  • Footage Date/Time Stamping - Recorded footage and pictures can have the date and time displayed on them.
  • Detailed Motion Sensing - The motion detection record mode can be fine tuned by use of the "Zoning" Feature and sensitivity parameter.
  • NTSC & PAL Compatible - Works with both UK and US TV standards.
  • Easy Menu system – easy to setup, operate and maintain.

We get many enquiries from customers who suffer from at the hands of 'knock out ginger', where mischievous individuals knock on a door and run off before they can answer it. So instead of having a debate on what this devilish practice is actually called, we have decided to fight back by offering an all in one Low Light Peephole Spy Camera with Digital Video Recorder package, which you can use to monitor, record, and/or snapshot who's at your front door.

The 0.5 LUX Wide Angle Waterproof Colour Camera, brings you brilliant quality footage that can record day/night and proves to be very effective at recording who is approaching (or at!) your door. The camera itself has a circumference no bigger than a two pence coin and is disguised as a regular peep hole so nobody for maximum discretion. To install the kit you simply drill the spy hole camera into any door or surface, and connect the leads to the DVR. You can then view your footage via a TV, or pop the SD card into your computer and view the footage on your screen.

The DVR is a clever little thing. It has been built from the ground up to provide a more user friendly interface with an intuitive menu system and operation. It will record the footage that you want efficiently and onto a SD card with up to 32GB of storage. The DVR has the functionality to either record constantly, Scheduled or with Motion Detection. It can even be programmed to overwrite the oldest footage when the memory is full!

This kit is perfect for your front door at home or your 'staff only' section at work. It's discreet, brand new, clever, perfect for undercover surveillance and great for anyone who wants a little extra security.

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Peephole Door Camera and SD Card Recorder DVR, Who is at the door?

£168.99 £134.89 inc VAT

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