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15m IR 8 Camera CCTV Security System with Hikvision DVR, Mobile Access

Product Code: PK3E8B1TB

Cctv Systems - 15m IR 8 Camera CCTV Security System with Hikvision DVR, Mobile Access

15m IR 8 Camera CCTV Security System with Hikvision DVR, Mobile Access

£658.03 £519.00 inc VAT

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  • 700TV Line video - clear images allow you to use digital zoom with the amazing 700TVL quality
  • Waterproof - IP66 means this camera is suitable for outdoor locations
  • Vandal Proof - metallic bracket protects cables from vandals
  • 15 metre night vision - Infra-red night vision with an auto night mode function turning to black and white
  • 3.6mm Lens - for 75 Degree field of vision
  • 8 Channel DVR- Independently records footage from up to 8 separate CCTV cameras
  • 960H Recording Quality- Can capture video at 960H resolution (960x576), ensuring that there is no loss in quality from the cameras
  • Real Time Video- DVR can record smooth 25fps video on every channel at the same time, no need for jerky CCTV footage!
  • Audio Recording- Features one audio channel, allowing you to also record sound from one source
  • 1TB HDD- Recorder comes with a 1TB drive pre-installed as standard, allowing several days' worth of continuous recording from all cameras. This can also be upgraded with the drop-down menu at the top of the page if longer recording is required
  • PC & Mac Remote Access- Connect the recorder to your router in order to remotely watch live & recorded footage, and even change recording settings from any PC or Mac connected to the internet
  • Mobile Access- As well as desktop computers, you can also log in and watch live footage using your smartphone. The free Hikvision app is available for iOS, Android and Windows phones
  • In Depth Recording Settings- Modes including motion detection and scheduling can be adjusted on a camera-by-camera basis
  • H.264 Encoding- Uses efficient video compression in order to record high quality files without taking up too much space on your hard drive
  • Alarm In/Out- Alarm connections allow you to easily integrate the recorder into an existing security system, ideal for retail or business security systems
  • PTZ Controls- Recorder is compatible with Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, allowing you to remotely control their movements via an online interface, or using a separate controller

This is a complete CCTV security package that includes an 8 channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR), 8 CCTV cameras with Infra-Red (IR) night-vision and 8 x 10 metre lengths of CCTV cable with BNC connection. All accessories are included in this all-inclusive CCTV security package to get you set-up so you can secure your property with ease.

The 8 Channel CCTV recorder (DVR) included in this package has a variety of superb control functions to incorporate the use of alarm system sensors, PTZ cameras (pan, tilt, zoom). Each camera channel is independent and can be fully adjusted to enhance the image quality to suit the location (brightness, hue, contrast). It can record at a maximum of 200 FPS (Frames-Per-Second) meaning each of your cameras get a full 25FPS. In short, it means your cameras record fluid video.

The DVR in this security package uses H.264 compression which means that it can record for longer at a higher quality. The powerful H.264 video compression in combination with the 1 Terabyte hard drive, means that you have a CCTV recorder that can record at full frame rate over a month using medium quality settings. Should you want to record for longer, you can scale the recording FPS back and potentially record for over 3 months! If recording quality is crucial to you however, you can make this DVR record and full 200FPS and fully video quality and expect over 2 weeks of recorded footage. The Hard Drive Disk (HDD) in this DVR will automatically start overwriting oldest footage first once it fills to capacity, which means you can set up your DVR and let it record with confidence.

The DVR also comes equipped with networking functionality. This means that you can run an Ethernet cable to this DVR from your network or router and access it through your network or across the Internet using Internet Explorer. This remote access functionality lets you do everything you everything you can normally do when sat in-front of the recorder including: Viewing your CCTV cameras in real-time, playback footage recorded, alter all the settings on the DVR or even download recorded footage directly to your PC. The networking even allows you to view your security cameras using a mobile phone that is internet enabled! See the features section below for a full breakdown of the comprehensive features of this DVR.

The Infra-Red (IR) cameras included in this CCTV security pack can see up to 20 meters in pitch black conditions making them perfect for outdoor applications such as smoking areas in pubs, clubs or loading bays to keep an eye on your stock. These CCTV cameras use a CCD and imaging chip which are both manufactured by Sony and output a high resolution 700 TV Line (TVL) picture. This means that you can expect vivid, crisp colours during the day and clear black and white night-time footage.

These security cameras are housed in waterproof cases (IP66 rated) that are made from an alloy that wont corrode or deform from sun exposure making them resilient to thrown objects as well as the British weather. It also means they are sealed units making them perfect for use on ships or docks. Each infrared security camera can be mounted and positioned with great flexibility thanks to the 360 degree mounting bracket. The bracket is also Vandal-Proof meaning that once mounted and locked in place with the tool provided, they will not move unlike traditional CCTV cameras which could be easily be tampered with and repositioned by an intruder. The camera's cable can be hidden by routing it through the mounting bracket making this CCTV security camera immune to wire snips.

15m IR 8 Camera CCTV Security System with Hikvision DVR, Mobile Access

£658.03 £519.00 inc VAT

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