BNC Video Balun (Pair) Transmit CCTV over Cat 5 Cable

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Accessories - BNC Video Balun (Pair) Transmit CCTV over Cat 5 Cable
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  • Use Cat5 Cable for CCTV- These adapters allow you to use Cat5 cable for transmitting video signal from CCTV cameras
  • BNC Video Connector- These video Baluns have a standard BNC connector, allowing them to take a signal from most CCTV cameras and DVRs
  • Send and receive video- this kit includes 2 baluns, allowing you to connect both ends of your Cat5 cable
  • Passive- Devices draw power from the cable


This pair of CCTV Video Baluns provide a quick and easy way of transmitting video from your CCTV system over a standard Cat5 cable. This type of cable is common in many offices and workplaces, so these adapters potentially provide a way of reducing the amount of cabling you will have to install.

To use them, simply strip two lengths of wire from each end of your Cat5 cable- be sure to use the same colour wires at each end- and insert them into the Balun's terminals. You cna now plug the cable straight into your Recorder or camera with the standard BNC connector.

Using these Baluns will allow you to potentially send video over much greater distances- up to 300m!

What's in the box?

  • 2x BNC Video Baluns

Technical Specification

Number of Video Inputs: 1
Video Input Connection: BNC
CAT5 Output Connection: Terminal Strip
Power: Passive (not required)
Dimensions: 20x37x35mm

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