B-Grade Wireless Battery-Powered CCTV System 1080p HD

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Accessories - B-Grade Wireless Battery-Powered CCTV System 1080p HD
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Battery-Powered CCTV
Unlike most wireless cameras that still need a power supply, this camera boasts a Lithium rechargeable battery, for truly wire-free CCTV!

1080p HD Video
Records 1920x1080p Full HD footage, with plenty of usable detail

PIR Sensor
Built-in detector picks up movement from a subject's body heat, using it to trigger recording. This not only saves battery power, but is far more accurate than standard motion detection

Night Vision
Infrared LEDs illuminate subjects up to 8m away, allowing 24/7 monitoring

Wide Angle Lens
2.8mm lens captures everything in a 120 degree field of view in front of the camera

Two-Way Audio
As well as a microphone, camera features a small speaker, letting you talk back to subjects through your phone

IP66 Rated
Durable metal housing ensures camera is completely weatherproof

Quick Battery Access
Battery slot is built into the camera base, allowing easy removal for charging without taking the camera down

Long Standby Time
Low power PIR mode allows camera to remain on standby for up to 3 years in between triggers


Wireless Recorder
Connects to cameras from up to 50m away indoors, and even further in clear line of sight. Please note: the range can be significantly impacted by obstructions such as walls

6 Channels
Recorder works with up to 6 cameras, allowing you to easily expand your system with additional coverage

Recorder is preinstalled with a 1TB hard drive, able to hold several weeks' worth of footage

HDMI Output
Easily view recordings and live pictures on a TV or monitor using HDMI

Discreet Design
Upright slimline recorder blends in to your living room like a router

Remote Access
Connects to your network, allowing you to view and control your cameras from anywhere, using a PC or mobile device

Not sure where to start with network features? Don't worry - our remote setup service can get the kit configured for remote access for you. Just check the dropdown menu at the top of the page for more details!


B-grade: 25% off

This item is a customer return or ex-display model. It is fully tested and working but the packaging and contents may have light cosmetic damage.

Wireless cameras are one of the easiest ways to protect your home, with a much quicker setup than traditional CCTV. One common cause of confusion, however, is that wireless CCTV still needs to be connected to a power supply, so that it can transmit. So what if you're not able to run cables at all around your property? This new Gamut battery-powered CCTV system is the ideal solution, with a camera powered by a Lithium-Ion battery, for a completely wire-free installation.

The camera is fitted with a PIR sensor, so it can detect a moving subject's body heat in order to trigger recording. Passive Infrared means the camera uses very little power when it’s ‘asleep’. This helps save battery power in between use, allowing up to 6 months' monitoring on a single charge. Do note: the camera will only record when triggered, and it can perform up to 12 hours recorded footage in total. So on one battery charge it can record in total for about 12 hours split over however many motion events that takes. For example, if the camera is recording 10 seconds of movement each time it is triggered, you could get, approximately, up to 7000 recordings from one battery.

Footage is recorded in clear 1080p HD, with infrared LEDs providing 8m night vision. The camera even has a built-in speaker, so you can talk back to subjects near the camera from your phone. When the battery needs charging, you can easily undock it from the camera base without taking it down from the wall.

The kit also includes a wireless recorder with a preinstalled 1TB hard drive to store footage. The recorder can connect to up to 6 cameras at the same time, providing an easy way to expand your system at a later date. The recorder connects to your internet router, letting you securely watch & control your cameras from anywhere, using a PC or smartphone.

Please note: As with all wireless transmissions, the range of the camera will vary depending on the layout and materials used in the building. Obstructions such as walls and windows between the camera and receiver will affect the wireless signal. Check this handy guide for more details, so you'll know what to expect.

What's in the box?

  • 1x Battery-powered wireless CCTV camera
  • 1x Wall plate
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x USB plug attachment
  • 1x Wireless recorder
  • 1x Mains power supply for recorder
  • 1x USB mouse
  • Quick start guide & software CD

Technical Specification


Imaging Sensor: 1/2.7 CMOS
Effective Resolution: 1920x1080
Synch: Internal
Sensitivity: 0.05 lux @f/1.2 (IR off) 0 lux (IR on)
S/N Ratio: 40dB
White Balance: Auto
AES Speed: Auto
AGC: Auto
Noise Reduction: 3D
Audio: Two-way audio
Lens: 2.8mm f/1.8
Viewing Angle: 120 degrees (horizontal)
Protection Level: IP66
IR Range: 8m
PIR Angle: 115 degrees
PIR Detection Range: 10m
Battery Capacity: 8700mAh
Battery Life Cycle: Up to 350(t)
Power Input: 4.2V
Power Consumption: 1.8W
Current Consumption: 420mA (active) 400µA
Operational Temperature: -30 to +55c
Operational Humidity: <95%
Dimensions: 136x73x89mm


Channels: 6
Output: HDMI
USB: 3x USB2.0
Video Output Resolution: 1920x1080 1440x900 1280x1024 1280x720 1024x768
Live View Channels: 1/4/6
Live View Frame Rate: Up to 60fps @1080p
Recording: Trigger Manual
Playback Channels: 1/4/6
Playback Speed: Variable max 2x
Search: Time/date MD
Storage: 1TB (SATA)
Backup: USB flash HDD network
Backup File Format: MP4 AVI H.264
Remote Access: iOS Android
Network Interface: 10/100M RJ45
Network Bitrate: Max 32Mbps
Power Consumption: 3W (No HDD)
Power Input: 12V 2A
Operational Temperature: -10 to +55c
Operational Humidity: 10-90%"

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