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B-Grade 25% Off Tiny Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera and Receiver

Product Code: PH701R

Accessories - B-Grade 25% Off Tiny Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera and Receiver

B-Grade 25% Off Tiny Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera and Receiver

£49.99 £37.49 inc VAT

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  • Tiny Spy Camera - Ideal for discreet surveillance. Hook it up to a recorder to capture what is happening at home or at work
  • Pinhole Lens -Designed to see clearly through gaps as small as 2mm allowing you to hide the camera away from view
  • 700 TVL Video - Improved video image quality with a sensor yielding 700 TV lines
  • Wireless Transmission - Sends video to its receiver with a theoretical range of up to 50m although this will be significantly reduced by any solid obstructions, such as walls
  • East Connectivity - Use the video outputs from the receiver and the included AV cable to displays images on a TV or to plug into a DVR or recorder

B-Grade Product: 25% off!

This small pinhole spy camera is perfect for covert surveillance - it's really tiny, about the same size as a stock cube and the lens is just 3mm across, so it's really easy to hide! This wireless CCTV camera system can be positioned virtually anywhere. It will transmit wireless video with audio to the receiver which can be placed up to 50 metres away in clear line-of-sight. The receiver can be connected to a TV, or DVR via a composite connection. All the leads are of course supplied.

You can manually focus the small pinhole camera to enable you to get the best pictures. You can either power it from a larger 8V battery pack or the supplied mains power supply, although we recommend mains adapters for viewing 24/7. Using one of our battery packs you will get around 36 hours of camera use, but if you need to run from the mains we have extension cables at 5m, 10m or 20m lengths.

The small pinhole camera lens only needs a tiny hole of around 3mm to see through and the mini CCTV cam can be made almost totally invisible when installed properly. The camera is so light it can be mounted on a wall using just blu-tac! Even if your DIY skills are not up to much, you can still do a good job of installing this covert surveillance equipment behind books, discretely under clothes, behind ornaments etc. as it's only 2x2x2cm.

For businesses, this device can serve to monitor operations in offices, shops or warehouses, and is great as an affordable wireless spy camera system. It can also be installed alongside other CCTV video equipment with a DVR or other recording device, all of which we can supply if you require. It is an ideal mini camera for radio controlled helicopters as it's so light or as an indoor home CCTV camera.

This spy camera works great with our PC USB capture device, see our Other Customers Bought section on the right. The USB capture device allows the camera to be connected to your PC via a USB plug. SpyCameraCCTV will include a link to some free software which, if you connect the colour CCTV camera to a PC via an analogue video in port, will allow you to be able to record to your hard drive and/or broadcast over the internet for remote viewing anywhere in the world. The software also has motion detection triggering so you just record the bits you want from the spy cam video footage.

The built in wireless transmitter in the full colour spy camera has a range of up to 50m in clear line of sight. The tiny hidden camera has a high resolution of 700TV lines from its CMOS imaging chip and can be run off an 8V Mains adapter (supplied, of course).

B-Grade 25% Off Tiny Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera and Receiver

£49.99 £37.49 inc VAT

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