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B-grade 30% Off Spy Pen with Pinhole Camera & Audio

Product Code: SPYPEN720R

Accessories - B-grade 30% Off Spy Pen with Pinhole Camera & Audio

B-grade 30% Off Spy Pen with Pinhole Camera & Audio

£37.50 £26.25 inc VAT

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  • Covert Spy Camera Pen - the ultimate in covert video surveillance
  • Real-time video recording - records video at 30 frames per second for smooth footage
  • Working Pen - the camera recorder is housed in a real working ballpoint pen
  • Rechargeable battery - up to 90 minutes record time
  • Confirmation light - flashes when recording is started or stopped but remains deactivated throughout recording time
  • Audio Recording - captures audio up to 5 metres away
  • Easy Playback - compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Our selection of B grade items have either been removed from their original packaging for demonstrations, have been used for testing, or have been returned by customers. They will have only seen minimal use, but the outer packaging will not be in mint condition and the product itself may have cosmetic signs of use.

Lightweight and easy to hide, often the best spy equipment is hidden in plain sight! This fully functioning Spy Pen with video, audio and still photos digital video recorder is the ultimate James Bond 007 style camera.

This spy camera pen is the ultimate in discreet recording and surveillance. Ideal as both a spy camera and hidden camera, and small enough to conceal almost anywhere.

This tiny spy pen camera with DVR recording function is great for discreet investigation. Whether at home, on the move, or at the office, wherever you place your mini camera, you'll know for sure that you won't miss anything. With the camera hidden just above the clip, this pen is perfect for placing in your shirt pocket giving clear recording of everything that you are seeing. The pen's tiny confirmation light will briefly flash when recording is started or stopped, but will remain off throughout the duration of the recording, so it will remain a truly covert device.

The built in memory card slot stores the video until it is ready to be downloaded to a computer via USB, and with a 4GB card as standard you'll get well over 30 minutes of recording time, and this can even be upgraded via the drop down menu at the top of the page. All video is captured with audio making this the perfect tool for recording confessions, secret rendezvous or interviews. You can also use the device as a common flash drive to transport important files safely from home to office. In addition the pen itself is an attractive easy to hold writing instrument with standard refills that can be easily replaced. The tiny pin hole camcorder is the smallest high resolution, with a video resolution of 352A-288 CIF pixels.

To playback your footage, the Pen simply unscrews to reveal a USB connection. You insert this into your PC to playback instantly through standard playback software or download the FREE VLC player. You can also charge the pen via USB or the handy USB plug charger, also supplied.

B-grade 30% Off Spy Pen with Pinhole Camera & Audio

£37.50 £26.25 inc VAT

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