B-Grade 20% Off Mini Battery Powered Pinhole Spy Camera

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Accessories - B-Grade 20% Off Mini Battery Powered Pinhole Spy Camera
720 HD battery powered spy video recorder
720 HD spy camera front view
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  • 720 HD Video Recording- Records video in high definition, ensuring captured footage is crisp and full of usable detail
  • Vibration triggered recording- Uses in-built G-Metres to initiate video recording when it detects a shock
  • Voice triggered recording- Uses the microphone to start video recording when a sound is detected
  • Motion Detection- Triggers video recording when the device sees movement within the frame
  • Auto Startup- When used with the in-car adapter, camera can easily be configured to start recording when the engine is started or stopped
  • Impressive battery life- Built in battery can record continuously or on motion detection for 10 hours, or stay on standby for up to 4 months
  • Circular recording- Can easily be set to continuously write over older footage when the card is full. Recordings are split into 10, 15 or 20 minute long videos
  • Scheduled Recording- Recording times can be programmed into a 24 hour, 7 day schedule
  • Please note, if you’re using a 64GB or 128GB SD card, you will need to reformat it to FAT32. Follow this handy guide for more details.


    B-grade products are items that have either had their packaging opened, been used for testing & demonstration by our sales team or have been returned by a customer. They have only seen light use, but will have been removed from their boxes, and may show cosmetic signs of usage.

    Thanks to its integrated rechargeable battery, this slim HD pinhole mini DVR is one of our most versatile devices for covert recording! The battery means it can be used extensively without a single trailing wire or cable that could otherwise attract attention. This flexibility, coupled with its incredibly small size and light weight make it an ideal choice for a wide array of covert applications!

    Central to this camera's usability is its extensive list of recording triggering modes, allowing it to be tailored to a wide variety of situations. These include vibration triggering using a built-in g meter. This will start recording as soon as it detects a shockwave nearby, making it ideal for dashboard recording in a car. Voice triggering is perfect for covertly recording meetings or discussions*. Finally, motion triggering allows the recorder to be used as a security camera, initiating recording as soon as it detects movement in the frame.

    These recording options are especially powerful when combined with the device's impressive battery life. The internal battery is capable of recording continuously for up to 10 hours non stop, and when used with vibration triggering can remain on standby for an incredible 4 months! This gives you the freedom to leave it in remote locations with no power source, or for long periods of time in spots that prevent cables, like in a desk drawer.

    The records crisp High Definition footage straight to a Micro SD card slot, allowing easy storage and transfer for your videos. The device works with cards up to 64GB in size, equivalent to 32 hours of footage with the higher quality settings, or an astounding 128 hours with a reduced frame rate! If the card does fill up, then the circular recording option can automatically begin to record over older footage, meaning you only have to use the device when you want to check for suspicious incidents!

    *Always consult with local police before covertly recording discussions as regulations may vary

    What's in the box?

    • 1x SPYZ15 Battery-Powered Spy Camera
    • 1x 5V DC Mains Power Supply
    • 1x USB Cable
    • English step by step instructions

    Technical Specification

    Please note some settings must be activated using Zetta software with camera connected to computer. Please consult Quick start guide for more information

    Video Quality Settings: High Medium Low
    Recording Resolution: 1280 x 720 640 x 360
    Frame Rate: High Low
    Recording light levels: Day Night Auto switching
    Orientation adjustment: Normal Upside down
    Time Stamp: Enable Disable
    Circular Recording Enable Disable
    Split File Time: 10 15 20 Minutes
    Microphone: Enable Disable
    LED: On Off
    Voice Triggering Sensitivity: High Medium Low Disable
    Vibration Triggering Sensitivity: High Medium Low Disable
    Vibration Standby Mode: Fast Wake up Power saving
    Motion Triggering Sensitivity: High Medium Low Disable
    Auto Power On: Car Activate recording Car Stop recording Car activate and Car stop Schedule Recording Disable
    Battery Life: 10 Hours
    Size: 88 x 43 x 19mm
    Memory Usage: 2GB/Hour (high frame rate) 0.5GB/Hour (Low frame rate)
    Video Format: AVI
    Viewing Angle: 62 degrees
    Standby Time: Up to 4 months
    Software compatibility: Windows OS X

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