9V PP3 Battery Clip for Cameras with 1.3mm Jack

Product Code: BATTCLIP13

Accessories - 9V PP3 Battery Clip for Cameras with 1.3mm Jack
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This tiny battery clip will let you power your camera using a standard 9V "PP3" battery. Simply attach the clip to the battery terminals, then plug the cable into your camera.

Using a brand new good quality battery will give you around 90 minutes usage out of a camera with infrared, or just over 2 hours for one without. Because of this it is only recommended for use in temporary set ups.

Please note- Cheaper batteries will have significantly lower capacities. Please check your camera has a plug with a 1.3mm inner and 3.5mm outer diameter, and uses an 8-9V power supply.

What's in the box?

  • 1x 9V PP3 Battery adapter for 1.3mm DC cameras

Technical Specification

Inner Diameter: 1.3mm
Outer Diameter: 3.5mm

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