100m IR Illuminator LED Security Floodlight for Night Vision CCTV

Product Code: LEDB100MGB

Accessories - 100m IR Illuminator LED Security Floodlight for Night Vision CCTV
100m IR illuminator front view
100m IR night vision illuminator side view
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  • IR Illuminator- Adds extra lighting to any night vision CCTV system
  • 100m Range- Capable of lighting subjects up to 100m away, although this can vary depending on the sensitivity of your camera
  • Wide Illumination- IR floodlight covers a much wider field of view than the IR LEDs fitted to most cameras, giving you more flexibility when setting up
  • Metal Casing- High grade build quality allows it to be installed in exposed outdoor locations
  • Easy Compatibility- Works with most CCTV cameras, including many that do not even feature built in night vision. Check for "IR cut Auto Switching" in your camera's specifications
  • Adjustable Bracket- lets you easily shift the illuminator's direction

This powerful IR illuminator is an ideal addition to any outdoor night vision CCTV system, helping extend your camera's night vision range, or "fill in" areas of the image that would otherwise be in shadow. The lamp features a light sensor, so the device can automatically switch on when light levels start to drop at sunset.

The illuminator can reach subjects up to 100m away, working in a much wider field than LEDs built into cameras. It will work with any camera that is sensitive to IR light, including almost all wired CCTV cameras that feature "IR-Cut auto switching"- including many that don't even have night vision themselves! Consult your camera's specifications for more information.