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Varifocal 8 Dome Camera CCTV System with Hikvision DVR, Mobile Access

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Cctv Systems - Varifocal 8 Dome Camera CCTV System with Hikvision DVR, Mobile Access

Varifocal 8 Dome Camera CCTV System with Hikvision DVR, Mobile Access

£796.37 £636.50 inc VAT

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  • Dome Security Camera - CCTV camera is housed in a vandal proof dome, making it ideal for indoor security
  • Sony Super-HAD CCD - The camera's high grade imaging chip ensures it can reliably capture detailed colour images at 650TV Lines
  • Low Light Recording - The camera's sensitive CCD allows it to record in conditions as dark as 0.01Lux
  • Varifocal Lens - Lens can be adjusted between 2.8-12mm, allowing you to set the field of view from 90-30 degrees. Ideal for fine tuning your system's coverage
  • Easy Connectivity - Camera is fitted with industry standard BNC connection, letting it easily fit into an existing CCTV system, or straight into a DVR


  • Hikvision CCTV DVR- Professional grade recorder from the world's largest manufacturer of video surveillance equipment
  • 8 Channel DVR- Independently records footage from up to 8 separate CCTV cameras
  • 960H Recording Quality- Can capture video at 960H resolution (960x576), ensuring that there is no loss in quality from the cameras
  • Real Time Video- DVR can record smooth 25fps video on every channel at the same time, no need for jerky CCTV footage!
  • Audio Recording- Features one audio channel, allowing you to also record sound from one source
  • 1TB HDD- Recorder comes with a 1TB drive preinstalled as standard, allowing several days' worth of continuous recording from all cameras. This can also be upgraded with the drop-down menu at the top of the page if longer recording is required
  • PC & Mac Remote Access- Connect the recorder to your router in order to remotely watch live & recorded footage, and even change recording settings from any PC or Mac connected to the internet
  • Mobile Access- As well as desktop computers, you can also log in and watch live footage using your smartphone. The free Hikvision app is available for iOS, Android and Windows phones
  • In Depth Recording Settings- Modes including motion detection and scheduling can be adjusted on a camera-by-camera basis
  • H.264 Encoding- Uses efficient video compression in order to record high quality files without taking up too much space on your hard drive
  • Alarm In/Out- Alarm connections allow you to easily integrate the recorder into an existing security system, ideal for retail or business security systems
  • PTZ Controls- Recorder is compatible with Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, allowing you to remotely control their movements via an online interface, or using a separate controller

This complete indoor CCTV security system features 8 professional Gamut dome cameras for a wide coverage of surveillance – perfect in a shop or office. The cameras are housed in a robust vandal proof dome with solid build quality. It boasts a Sony Super HAD imaging chip allowing it to record full colour video with 650 TV lines of resolution. Due to the vari-focal lens you can adjust the field of view between 90 and 30 degrees.

Include with this system is an 8 Channel DVR with powerful recording modes and all that you would expect from a CCTV DVR. One of the most essential features for a modern CCTV DVR is being able to instantly access your live cameras or recordings when you are away from your property. This allows round-the-clock security no matter where you are. You can log in over the internet and view your cameras using a PC, Mac or even a mobile device. Logging in with a desktop computer even allows you to remotely change recording settings and time. For watching your cameras on a mobile device, simply download the free app, which is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows phones.

Varifocal 8 Dome Camera CCTV System with Hikvision DVR, Mobile Access

£796.37 £636.50 inc VAT

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