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8 Varifocal 30m IR SONY Effio 700TVL CCTV Cams and 1Tb D1 Realtime DVR

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Cctv Systems - 8 Varifocal 30m IR SONY Effio 700TVL CCTV Cams and 1Tb D1 Realtime DVR

8 Varifocal 30m IR SONY Effio 700TVL CCTV Cams and 1Tb D1 Realtime DVR

£1,076.95 £859.00 inc VAT

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  • 700TVL video - SONY Effio P CCD 700TV Line camera, part of our Gamut Pro branded range, perfect for customers striving professional level high quality cameras
  • Wide Dynamic Range - helps retain detail in challenging contrast and difficult lighting conditions.
  • IP66 casing - means this camera is suitable for outdoor locations
  • 30m night vision - for 24/7 surveillance
  • Vandal Proof bracket - prevents interference from vandals
  • Varifocal lens - 2.8-12mm manual varifocal lens giving you excellent flexibility to zoom in on key areas. Wide angle 115 degrees all the way down to a zoomed in 23 degrees field of vision

  • 8 Channel DVR - Independently records footage from up to 8 separate CCTV cameras
  • 960H Recording Quality - Can capture video at 960H resolution (960x576), ensuring that there is no loss in quality from the cameras
  • Real Time Video - DVR can record smooth 25fps video on every channel at the same time, no need for jerky CCTV footage
  • Audio Recording - Features one audio channel, allowing you to also record sound from one source
  • PC & Mac Remote Access - Connect the recorder to your router in order to remotely watch live & recorded footage, and even change recording settings from any PC or Mac connected to the internet
  • Mobile Access - As well as desktop computers, you can also log in and watch live footage using your smartphone. The free Hikvision app is available for iOS, Android and Windows phones
  • In Depth Recording Settings - Modes including motion detection and scheduling can be adjusted on a camera-by-camera basis
  • H.264 Encoding - Uses efficient video compression in order to record high quality files without taking up too much space on your hard drive
  • Alarm In/Out - Alarm connections allow you to easily integrate the recorder into an existing security system, ideal for retail or business security systems
  • PTZ Controls - Recorder is compatible with Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, allowing you to remotely control their movements via an online interface, or using a separate controller

This is it, one of the best, most complete CCTV packages we have available on our website. This package collects 8 of the highest quality cameras available on the market right now with the Daddy of all DVRs! Everything you need to kit out your home, office, shop or warehouse with high definition, internet enabled CCTV.

The 8 30m Infra-red cameras feature SONY Effio imaging chips with a high definition 700TVL output. Effio is SONY's flagship chip range, and we only source the highest grade chips meaning your images are as crisp and bright as they deserve to be, and will look great on any HDTV. The cameras have 36 funky blue IR LEDs providing up to 30m of night vision, even in total darkness and a varifocal/varizoom range of 4-9mm (57°H-30°H) for complete control over your camera's installation - zoom in to far off objects or zoom out for a wide angle view. All of this housed in an IP66 vandal-proof rated aluminium alloy casing!

The DVR, from Hikvision- one of the most trusted names in surveillance- is by far one of the most feature-packed in our range! After all, this is the heart of your CCTV system so it needs to be up to the job. Whilst many other DVRs claim a D1 recording resolution, to achieve this they often compromise the strain by reducing the frame rate down to 6-10FPS leaving your video footage jerky. Our DVR here can record all 8 cameras simultaneously at full D1 resolution at a real-time 25FPS providing you with every last bit of detail and the crims with nowhere to hide! On the rear panel of the DVR you will find an array of options for viewing your lovely footage including the standard BNC (with RCA adapter cable), VGA and HD high-resolution 1080p HDMI to make the most of it all on an HDTV.

If this STILL isn't enough, then by connecting your DVR to the internet via the LAN connection, you can enable your DVR to be accessible by any PC, iPad or smartphone at home or anywhere in the world (password protected of course) providing you with a live video feed of your system. Combined with email alerts from the DVR, this becomes a very powerful security system. Through the PC interface, you also have the option to access your DVRs system settings, search and playback recorded footage and back-up straight to your PC's hard drive!

Finally, we've included 2x 100m metre reels of uncut high quality, high-copper content RG59 shotgun cables for you to connect it all up. This is the good stuff as the last thing you'd want to do is compromise the quality of your cameras with shoddy cabling. Whilst it may seems lazy of us to leave you to cut your own cables, it means you can really custom fit your system to fit in around you and yours and buff a sheen on that system. After all, who doesn't enjoy having a reason to play with knives? Don't worry, all the required video and power connectors are supplied and are designed with simplicity of fitting in mind; no special tooling or skills required, just a little patience and common sense.

This really is the business, but don't just take out word for it, give us a call and we'll tell you the same ourselves! If you have any questions, need to add or modify anything included here or just want to chat our number's at the top of the page, or you can email us and we'll write back!

8 Varifocal 30m IR SONY Effio 700TVL CCTV Cams and 1Tb D1 Realtime DVR

£1,076.95 £859.00 inc VAT

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