8 Sony 650TV Line CCTV Dome Cameras with 2TB Realtime D1 DVR

Product Code: PK10B8B2TB

Cctv Systems - 8 Sony 650TV Line CCTV Dome Cameras with 2TB Realtime D1 DVR
Sony effio CCD cctv indoor outdoor dome camera
Realtime D1 2TB 8 Channel CCTV DVR, motion detection, iPhone and DVDRW
100m RG59 BNC and power cable for CCTV Cameras
Sony Effio 700 TV LIne Cameras
Gamut Black 700TVL Range
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This is our professional grade 8 camera CCTV package, it includes 8 indoor/outdoor Dome CCTV cameras with 650 TV line Sony CCDs, a full real time (25fps) D1 8 channel DVR and 2 100m high quality BNC cable reels with adapters. This package will give the best image quality and highest recording resolution we sell, it is perfect for securing a whole shop or warehouse.

The Dome cameras are part of our high specification range of Gamut 650 TV Line Cameras using SONY CCD technology. They use a Sony signal processor which realizes high resolution, high S/N ratio and high colour reproduction for security cameras. The chip in this camera means that you will get amazing colour clarity and definition with superb quality video.

The DVR is our Professional True Real Time D1 DVR. It will record in full D1 (720 x 576) resolution at 25fps per camera (200fps total) giving you real time footage, no more stuttering jerky videos. This DVR is part of the Real Time evolution of DVR's. D1 Real time means that you will receive a true 25fps image on all of your 8 cameras giving you TV quality images at full resolution. Whilst you can get D1 recorders on the market, you will find that they will only record in D1 at 6 - 10 fps giving you a reduced quality video. To get 25fps video images form these units you will need to reduce the video size to about a quarter of the size which means you are 'cropping' the image. It has a HUGE 2Tb Hard drive for hours and hours of recording. It is our only DVR with Full HD HDMI 1080p output, it will look great on your high definition TV. This DVR also has an integrated CD/DVD Re-writer for backing up footage directly onto to CD and DVD.

This Digital Video Recorder can be set-up to be accessible over the internet using either Internet Explorer installed on a PC or any Mobile Phone with internet access / 3G by up to 5 people simultaneously. After logging in, you will have access to the live video feed from your cameras, PTZ control, video playback, settings, the option to download selected footage and much from an easy to use Web-Based interface or iPhone/iPad App.