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8 Dome Camera Home CCTV System with IR, Hikvision DVR, Mobile Access

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Cctv Systems - 8 Dome Camera Home CCTV System with IR, Hikvision DVR, Mobile Access

8 Dome Camera Home CCTV System with IR, Hikvision DVR, Mobile Access

£700.37 £559.00 inc VAT

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  • 8 Channel DVR - Independently records footage from up to 8 separate CCTV cameras
  • 960H Recording Quality - Can capture video at 960H resolution (960x576), ensuring that there is no loss in quality from the cameras
  • Real Time Video - DVR can record smooth 25fps video on every channel at the same time, no need for jerky CCTV footage
  • Audio Recording - Features one audio channel, allowing you to also record sound from one source
  • PC & Mac Remote Access - Connect the recorder to your router in order to remotely watch live & recorded footage, and even change recording settings from any PC or Mac connected to the internet
  • Mobile Access - As well as desktop computers, you can also log in and watch live footage using your smartphone. The free Hikvision app is available for iOS, Android and Windows phones
  • In Depth Recording Settings - Modes including motion detection and scheduling can be adjusted on a camera-by-camera basis
  • H.264 Encoding - Uses efficient video compression in order to record high quality files without taking up too much space on your hard drive
  • Alarm In/Out - Alarm connections allow you to easily integrate the recorder into an existing security system, ideal for retail or business security systems
  • PTZ Controls - Recorder is compatible with Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, allowing you to remotely control their movements via an online interface, or using a separate control

Need a CCTV system robust enough to secure a large outdoor property? Worried about intruders tampering with your vital security equipment? Fear not! This all inclusive 8 dome camera CCTV system has been designed to provide enough versatility to cover a large exterior space, whilst still being straightforward to install and operate.

The 8 included CCTV cameras are each housed in tennis ball sized dome mounts, small enough to be used indoors without drawing too much attention to themselves. When used outdoors, the metal casings are weather and vandal proof so they'll withstand the worst of the outdoor elements.

All of the kit's cameras use high quality Sony EFFIO CCD imaging chips, guaranteeing dependably crisp video with accurate colour reproduction during the day. At night the camera's built in Infrared LED array provides 15m of night vision illumination, working even in total darkness. The chip records at 700TV lines, producing video with sharply defined detail. This resolution is also the recommended standard for Police Evidence use, should the worst happen, you can rest assured that your footage can prove to be vital.

Also included in this comprehensive package is our feature packed 8 channel network enabled DVR. Customisable options for this recorder include Motion Detect, Scheduled and Continuous Recording modes, and an impressive 200 fps recording speed, enabling smooth video recording on all channels.

When Motion Detection is activated, the DVR will automatically initiate recording when it senses movement in any of the 8 channels of video. To prevent the recorder from triggering too easily, the user can set the sensitivity level, and even block out areas of the image that routinely contain movement. Comm examples include swaying tree branches and public hallways. This feature is incredibly simple to adjust, yet lends advanced flexibility to your system.

Scheduled recording lets the user program recording times into a 24 hour, 7 day schedule, whilst continuous recording instructs the DVR to automatically overwrite the oldest footage on the integrated hard drive. Through the use of these two simple modes, it's possible to set your CCTV system up to run autonomously, so that you never have to adjust the settings- unless you need to download some footage.

To top it all off, the DVR is installed with a LAN port allowing secure network access from anywhere in the world. In this way you can remotely view a live stream of everything your CCTV camera is seeing! This feature is even compatible with mobile devices, supporting the iOS, Android and Windows Phone handsets. Now you can rest easy when you are away from your property, safe in the knowledge that you can always check in on your valuables, wherever you are.

8 Dome Camera Home CCTV System with IR, Hikvision DVR, Mobile Access

£700.37 £559.00 inc VAT

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