720p HD Digital Wireless CCTV Kit with Mobile Access, Portable LCD DVR

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Wireless Cameras - 720p HD Digital Wireless CCTV Kit with Mobile Access, Portable LCD DVR
10m night vision digital wireless cctv camera
Home CCTV mobile view
wireless cctv system with PIR motion detection
digital wireless receiver, SD recorder and LCD
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Camera Features

  • 720p HD Video- Camera records footage in 1280x720 resolution, much higher than other wireless kits, and helping capture highly detailed video of any subjects
  • PIR Sensor- Passive Infra Red sesnor built into the camera can detect sudden changes in ambient temperature, perfect for triggering recording when subjects move in front of it
  • 10m Night Vision- Ring of powerful IR LEDs can record subjects up to 10m in the dead of night
  • Built In Microphone- Records audio from subjects in front of the camera
  • Weather Resistant- Can be installed in exposed external locations
  • Digital Wireless- Camera and recorder are paired together electronically, allowing much cleaner transmission, with reduced risk of interference or other users picking up your video
  • 3m Cable- Combined cable length from camera and power supply provides plenty of flexibility when installing

Recorder Features

  • Combination Recorder- Device combines a wireless receiver, DVR and colour monitor, meaning you only have to set up one device to get the system up and running!
  • Rechargeable Battery- In addition to mains power, screen can work from internal battery, allowing you to easily move screen around
  • 9" Colour Screen- Built-in wide colour screen provides a perfect way to view footage from your camera
  • Mobile Access- Plug the recorder into your internet router and scan the included QR code to easily view footage on your smartphone or tablet
  • Push Notifications- Get live alerts on your phone when the recorder or cameras detect motion
  • 4 Channel Recorder- System can be expanded to 2 cameras at 720p HD, or 4 cameras at standard definition
  • MicroSD Recording- Footage is recorded to the integral MicroSD card slot. Supports cards up to 128GB, card not included
  • Talkback Function- By holding down a button on the screen you can talk through the speaker on the camera, great for use in a doorway
  • Power Save Mode- When using motion detection, screen can be set to enter standby mode when the system is not recording


When looking for a new home CCTV system, choices can be daunting- it's vital to pick a kit that has enough features and control to monitor your home effectively, but many fully featured systems are far too complex to set up without professional help. That's where this HD Digital Wireless CCTV Kit comes into it's own. The kit boasts a host of unique security features, all controlled by one central device, so there's no need to trail cables everywhere. This makes it ideal for people looking for a first security kit who want to avoid a stressful setup.

Uniquely, the cameras are capable of recording at an impressive 720p HD resolution, previously unheard of for wireless CCTV kits! The extra detail this records means the resulting security footage will be much more useful if you have to go back and review it should the worst happen. If you want to expand the system at a later date, up to 2 cameras are supported at full 720p resolution, or up to 4 at standard definition. The camera also has a built in PIR sensor, allowing it to detect a subject's body heat, and use it to trigger recording- a much more reliable system than standard motion detection! The feature packed camera is finished off with a ring of IR LEDs, providing clear night vision of subjects up to 10m away.

Footage from the camera is then transmitted to the recorder/monitor using advanced Digital Wireless technology. This pairs the devices together in order to send the video signal across a wide range of frequencies, both helping reduce the risk of wireless interference and making sure that no other users can pick up your camera's signal.

The recording device itself combines a wireless receiver with a MicroSD DVR and a 9" colour LCD. This means everything you need to record and view the cameras is in one single device. To make it even more versatile, the screen has an internal battery, allowing you to unplug the device and move it around your house without any constrictions. Additional features also include an automatic power save function and even a talkback mode, using the small speaker built into the camera. Footage is stored to the built-in MicroSD card slot (supports up to 64GB, card not included), capable of holding many days' worth of footage. For mobile security, connecting the device to your internet router and scanning the included QR code lets you watch live footage from your camera on a smartphone or tablet.

What's in the box?

  • 1x HD Digital Wireless CCTV Camera with 1.5m cable
  • 1x Combination Receiver DVR & screen
  • 2x Mains Power Supplies with 1.5m cable
  • 1x Network Cable
  • English Instructions

Technical Specification

Camera Resolution: 1280x720p
Scanning System: Interlaced
Synchronization: Internal
Field of View: 80°
Gain Control: Auto
White Balance: Auto
IR LED Frequency: 850nm
Night Vision Range: Up to 10m
Audio: Yes
Talkback: Yes
Recording Resolution: 720p (up to 2 cameras) VGA (up to 4 cameras)
Storage: MicroSD (supports up to 128GB not included)
LCD Screen: 9 TFT LCD
Camera Power Supply: 9V 1000mA
Screen Power Supply: 5V 2000mA


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