5m Pro RG59 Coaxial CCTV Cable BNC Video and DC Power

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Accessories - 5m Pro RG59 Coaxial CCTV Cable BNC Video and DC Power
Pro copper BNC cable connectors
5m Professional copper BNC video and power cable cutaway
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  • Video and power shotgun cable- This CCTV cable has power and video lines running next to each other, meaning it's the only cable you have to run out to your camera
  • Pro grade copper cable- Uses professional standard high copper RG59 cable, resulting in minimal power and signal drop-off. this makes them perfectly suited to 1080p HD-TVI Cameras
  • Waterproof casing- Durable cable is suitable for running outdoors, and can even be buried underground if required


Invested in one of our TVI Professional HD Cameras? With high quality cameras it's vital that you have a cable to match, otherwise a poor signal can degrade the image that you get from the device. This professional grade 5m cable is made with high copper RG59 cable, helping to ensure there is minimal signal breakdown. It is also pre-fitted with BNC and power connectors, so you don't need to worry about installing your own.

The cable runs alongside DC power wires, allowing you to run video and power down to the camera via the same cable, helping to reduce the amount of wiring required for your system.

Need a different length? We also have these pro grade cables in 10, 20,30,40,50 and 60 metres length, as well as large uncut reels if you want to put together a bespoke system.

What's in the box?

Technical Specification

Length: 5m
Inner Conductor: 0.81mm Bare Copper
1st Shielding: Single Aluminium foil
Jacket: 6x3.5mm Black PVC
Impedence: 75+/-3 Ohm
Capacitance: 53pF/m

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