5 Inch Mini LCD Bird Box Camera Monitor with Suction Mount

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Accessories - 5 Inch Mini LCD Bird Box Camera Monitor with Suction Mount
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  • 5" Bird Box Camera Monitor- Compact monitor is ideall suited to watching footage from your 700TVL Green Feathers bird box camera (not compatible with HD IP models)
  • 800x480 Resolution- Displays sharp and clear camera footage
  • TFT LCD- Bright, high contrast screen with full colours
  • Plug and Play- Uses standard RCA connections, so there's no configuration needed. Perfect if you can't place the wireless receiver near your TV, or if the cables can't reach
  • Suction and Adhesive Mounts- Quick and easy way to attach the screen to smooth surfaces such as a window or desk
  • CVBS- Screen also works as a CCTV monitor for 700TVL analogue cameras (BNC adapter may be required)


This compact 5" mini CCTV monitor is a quick and easy way to view live footage from any of our Green Feathers 700TVL bird box cameras. It's a perfect solution if you are unable to set up a TV near the wireless receiver in your home, or if the cable is too short to run to your TV.

The screen uses a TFT LCD to display a bright, full colour picture at 800x480 resolution. It's really simple to set up, using standard plug-and-play RCA connectors. It has 2 inputs, letting you switch between sources, and even includes suction and adhesive mounts, so you can quickly install it on anything from a window to a desk.

What's in the box?

  • 1x 5 CCTV monitor
  • 1x Suction mount
  • 1x Adhesive mount
  • 1x Mains power supply

Technical Specification

Type: Digital TFT LCD
Display Size: 5’’
Display Scale: 4:3 / 16:9
Power: No more than 3W
Video: AV1 / AV2
Video Format: PAL / NTSC
Contrast: 400:1
Pixel: 480*272 (800*480)
Operating Voltage: DC12V / DC24V
Operating Temperature: -20 to +65c
Storage Temperature: -30 to +80c


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