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4 Turret Camera TVI 1080p HD CCTV System - 20m IR, 1TB DVR, 4-in-1

Product Code: TVI7T41TB

Cctv Systems - 4 Turret Camera TVI 1080p HD CCTV System - 20m IR, 1TB DVR, 4-in-1

4 Turret Camera TVI 1080p HD CCTV System - 20m IR, 1TB DVR, 4-in-1

£390.99 £332.34 inc VAT

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Camera Features

  • HiWatch by Hikvision- Part of the popular home security range from the largest manufacturer of CCTV on the planet, using some of the same high definition imaging technology as their commercial grade cameras
  • 1080p HD Video- Records footage in 1920x1080 Full HD, recording clear subject details
  • strong>HD-TVI- Cameras are pre-set to the TVI video format, providing plug and play high resolution video using a standard coaxial cable. This makes it a great update for an existing system if you already have cabling
  • 20m Night Vision- Infrared LEDs provide clear illumination for recording after dark, with enough range for large interior spaces or a garden
  • IP66 Rated- Completely weatherproof casings allow cameras to be installed in exposed outdoor locations
  • 3.6mm Lens- Records subjects within an 84&Deg; field of view

Recorder Features

  • HD Video Recording- CCTV DVR from Gamut can record footage from each camera in 1080p HD, so you won't lose any quality from the cameras
  • 1TB Hard Drive- Comes pre-fitted with a 1TB hard drive, enough for around a week of extended recording. This can also be upgraded if more storage is required
  • 4 Channels Video & Audio- Audio inputs let you add a microphone to each camera if required
  • Remote Access- Connect recorder to your router to allow remote viewing of live or recorded footage from the cameras from anywhere, using PC, tablet or phone
  • Adjustable Recording Options- Increase recording times by using motion detection and scheduling modes, all adjustable on a camera-by-camera basis

You can choose the length of cable required for your installation with the menu at the top of the page, or even leave them out entirely if you have cables from an existing system

Hikvision is the industry leader for CCTV technology, making professional grade workhorses with incredible recording resolutions. For home users, however, much of their equipment is prohibitively expensive, or complex to configure. Because of this, they have designed the HiWatch range, providing reliable, high resolution monitoring that's easy to install and is great value for home users. This home security system uses 4 HiWatch HD turret cameras, along with an HD hybrid recorder from Gamut.

Each camera records 1920x1080 Full HD footage, with enough subject detail to provide reliably clear evidence. Not only this, but each camera features 20m night vision, and IP66 weatherproof housings, making them perfect for round-the-clock indoor or outdoor use. The 4-in-1 technology means they just connect to the recorder using plug and play coaxial cables, with no network configuration required.

You can add the required length of cables to your system using the drop down at the top of the page, or choose to leave them out if you're upgrading a legacy system with an existing cable run.

The system also includes a professional grade HD CCTV recorder from Gamut. As with all of our DVRs, this boasts a wide range of motion detection and scheduling settings, all adjustable on a camera-by-camera basis. The recorder also connects to your router, which once configured lets you watch live or recorded footage remotely from anywhere using a phone, tablet or PC.

4 Turret Camera TVI 1080p HD CCTV System - 20m IR, 1TB DVR, 4-in-1

£390.99 £332.34 inc VAT

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