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4 IP Camera Security System with 1080p HD, Night Vision, POE & 2TB NVR

Product Code: PKIP37R102TB

Cctv Systems - 4 IP Camera Security System with 1080p HD, Night Vision, POE & 2TB NVR

4 IP Camera Security System with 1080p HD, Night Vision, POE & 2TB NVR

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Camera Features

  • 1080p HD IP Camera- Each bullet camera records at 1920x1080 resolution (roughly 2 megapixels), capturing masses of sharp, useable detail- a huge improvement over traditional CCTV!
  • 20m Night Vision- IR LEDs allow them to illuminate subjects up to a maximum of 20m away in the dead of night
  • Outdoor Camera- IP66 rated metal housing allows cameras to be installed in exposed outdoor locations
  • Compact Bullet Camera- Small size allows discreet installation
  • Power Over Ethernet- Cameras draw their power from the same network cable that they use for video, meaning you don't need to set up mains power supplies, or power injectors. The cables are even included in the kit!

Recorder Features

  • Full HD Recording- Included 4 channel Network Video Recorder (NVR) can capture 1080p recordings from each of the systems 4 cameras independently
  • 2TB Hard Drive- In order to store many ours of full HD video, the NVR comes with a massive preinstalled 2TB HDD, enough for many days of constant recording
  • Adjustable Motion Detection- As with all our professional recorders, can be set up to trigger recording whenever it senses movement in the video
  • Remote Access- Connect NVR to your router in order to adjust recording settings and view footage from a PC anywhere in the world (requires one time configuration process)
  • Mobile Viewing- Only access can also be set up to work from mobile, letting you watch live footage of your property on your smartphone or tablet
  • HDMI Output- Monitor cameras in Full HD resolution by connecting it to a standard HD TV

HD IP cameras have revolutionised CCTV in recent years, recording high resolution digital video, and letting you easily send it down network cables. However, this massive increase in image quality can sometimes come at the cost of more confusing installations, with many new buyers daunted by talk of ethernet switches and power injectors. It's for this reason that we have put together this 4 IP camera security system, a complete HD kit that includes everything you need to get it up and running right there in the box, including cameras, network cables and a recorder with huge 2TB HDD.

The 4 cameras included in the kit can all record Full HD footage at 1920x1080 resolution. This allows video with exceptional amounts of detail, essential for capturing usable security videos should the worst happen. The cameras are also each fitted with a ring of night vision LEDs, allowing them to record subjects up to a maximum of 20m away after night falls. All of this is encased inside a compact sized IP66 rated housing, meaning you can install them in the most exposed outdoor locations.

The entire system runs via Power Over Ethernet, or "PoE", meaning that each camera draws it's power supply from the same cable it uses to transfer video. This not only helps cut down on cabling, but also makes the system much easier to install, as the camera cables simply plug into the back of the recorder, rather than via an ethernet switch or router.

The recorder itself is capable of independently recording cameras at 1080p Full HD resolution and a smooth 30fps. To allow the longest possible recording times at this high level of detail, we have included a huge 2TB HDD inside the NVR for storage, allowing you to hold many days worth of footage at a time. As with all of our IP cameras and professional recorders, the NVR can also be connected to your router, allowing you (after a one time configuration process) to remotely view live footage from your cameras on a PC or mobile device. When accessing via PC you can even edit many recording settings right from your browser. Whilst we provide full instructions for getting this up and running, it is a rather involved set up, so if you need some help configuring it we even offer a remote setup service whereby one of tech team does everything for you!

4 IP Camera Security System with 1080p HD, Night Vision, POE & 2TB NVR

£849.00 £809.90 inc VAT

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