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4 Dome Camera Hikvision TVI 1080p HD CCTV System with 50m IR, 1TB DVR

Product Code: TVI8T4H1TB

Cctv Systems - 4 Dome Camera Hikvision TVI 1080p HD CCTV System with 50m IR, 1TB DVR

4 Dome Camera Hikvision TVI 1080p HD CCTV System with 50m IR, 1TB DVR

£926.14 £811.95 inc VAT

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What are the Benefits of TVI HD?

  • Uncompressed HD Video- TVI is a revolutionary new recording format for CCTV, that allows virtually uncompressed recording at resolutions simply not possible with traditional analogue cameras. Just check the screenshots and video for comparison to 700TVL cameras!
  • Plug and Play Setup- Unlike IP systems that need to be configured on your network, TVI kits simply connect together using standard coax cables. This combines the quality of HD with the easy setup of analogue, and allows you to use existing RG59 wiring if you are upgrading a system
  • Easy RG59 upgrade- Use the drop down menu at the top of the page to select the type of cables you need or leave them out if you are upgrading a system which already has RG59 wiring
  • No Playback Delay- With IP cameras over a network there is a slight delay in the video playback. TVI systems are wired directly to the recorder, meaning live playback is actually live

Camera Features

  • Full 1080p HD Recording- Captures footage in full HD 1920x1080p resolution and at 25fps giving you clear, crisp footage full of crucial detail
  • 50 Metres Infra-red night vision- Capture your subjects in even the darkest conditions with 50 Metres of night vision capability
  • Dome type security camera - The more subtle shape of the dome type cameras allows them to be placed less conspicuously in a variety of locations
  • Weatherproof Camera Housing- IP66 rated casing on cameras means they can be set up in a variety of outdoor or exposed situations

Recorder Features

  • Full HD 1080p recording and playback- Record extremely crisp images at 1920x1080p resolution and 25fps
  • 4 Video channels- Giving you upgrade and expansion options for any home or medium sized business set up
  • Long Recording time and built in Hard Drive- Record up to 6 days on the included 1TB Hard Drive or adjust resolution and image settings to get up to 6 months of storage
  • Access your Recorder from anywhere- Check in on your property any time on the fly using a mobile device - Compatible with iOs, Windows and Android platforms

This full TurboHD TVI system from Hikvision is simple enough to set up for home users and high enough quality and flexible enough for a variety of commercial or retail security scenarios. Combining the benefits and strengths of IP camera systems and traditional CCTV the system boasts incredible quality HD video as well as intuitive plug and play features for a stress free set-up.

TVI Technology allows the sending of full, uncompressed HD video down a standard RG59 Coax cable. This provides you with footage which is crisp and rich in details vital for security purposes and means you can upgrade without needing to set up a new network of cables.

(You can select the length of cables you need for your system from the dropdown menu at the top of the page, or leave it blank if you already have cables in place and just want to upgrade your cameras and recorder.)

The cameras featured in this kit boast an impressive set of advanced features meaning they are up to the demands of even the most professional security applications. The high quality 2.8-12mm Varifocal lens gives a field of view between 92 and 32 degrees and 50 Metres of Night Vision illumination gives you full and flexible coverage of the areas you want to secure.

The DVR recorder, also produced by the award winning Hikvision, boasts a suite of professional DVR functions. Full HD 1080p is included with HDMI output and a variety of networking options. To make your system highly customisable and flexible there are options for Motion Detection triggering, scheduled recording and many other controls which can be assigned on a camera by camera basis.

4 Dome Camera Hikvision TVI 1080p HD CCTV System with 50m IR, 1TB DVR

£926.14 £811.95 inc VAT

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