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4 Dome Camera CCTV Security System Sony 650TVL 40m IR 1TB DVR

Product Code: PK10B4B1TB

Cctv Systems - 4 Dome Camera CCTV Security System Sony 650TVL 40m IR 1TB DVR

4 Dome Camera CCTV Security System Sony 650TVL 40m IR 1TB DVR

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  • SONY imaging system- All of our professional series cameras use a combination of Sony's high grade CCD sensors proprietary image processors to achieve class leading image quality, with crystal clear detail and colours
  • 650TVL Recording- Each camera records at the highest resolution in their class, capturing sharp, detailed video- a vital requirement should your footage ever be used as evidence
  • 40m Night Vision range- Each camera uses 36 highly efficient infrared LEDs to illuminate subjects up to 40m away. Perfect for monitoring large unlit outdoor spaces!
  • Robust Camera Housing- CCTV camera is built into a hardy aluminium casing, providing protection from even the most determined vandals! The housing is also rated as being waterproof to the IP66 standard, providing resistance to even the heaviest rainfall and storms
  • Vari-focal Lens- Adjustable optics allow both the focus and angle-of-view to be precisely adjusted by the user, a vital feature that allows you to perfectly tailor your system to your needs
  • UTC Controller- We have also included in the kit a wired control device that you can connect to each camera in order to adjust image settings such as back-light compensation


  • 1TB HDD- DVR comes pre-fitted with a sizeable 1TB Hard Disc Drive, allowing continuous uninterrupted recording for many days at a time
  • Hybrid DVR- Uses hybrid HD recorder, compatible with AHD and TVI cameras. This means you can easily upgrade to an HD system at a later date without needing to swap your DVR
  • Zoned Motion Detection- The recorder's advanced Motion Detection functionality allows the user to mask off areas of the image that routinely contain movement such as swaying trees and passing traffic.
  • Network Access- DVR's built in LAN port allows you, after a quick setup process, to remotely view your live security footage over the internet via a desktop computer, or even a mobile device!
  • H.264 Compression- Recorder captures video footage using the advanced H.264 compression method. This allows file sizes to remain small whilst still retaining highly detailed videos
  • 4 Channel Inputs- This professional DVR features both 2 audio and 4 video inputs for each of it's 4 channels
  • D1 Resolution Recording- Recorder is capable of capturing video at full 960H resolution (576x960), essential if you want to get the best results from professional grade cameras
  • 100 FPS video- DVR boasts a maximum frame rate of 100fps across all channels, allowing each channel to simultaneously record smooth 25fps video
  • Time Stamping- Recorder automatically adds time and date information to footage, an invaluable resource when reviewing archived video at a later date

We know that when looking for a professional security solution for a business or commercial property, you need to know you can count on your equipment to supply reliably high quality footage day in, day out. This all-inclusive 4 camera security system combines our class leading Sony professional cameras with a feature packed digital video recorder, resulting in a package capable of meeting even the most demanding requirements. When you also add in our expert UK based technical support advisers with years of experience, and 2 year product warranty, the result is a package built to last!

This kit includes 4 professional dome cameras housed in vandal-proof aluminium casings, ideal for mounting in exposed or vulnerable positions. The casings are also rated to IP66 standards, guaranteeing they will withstand being installed outdoors 365 days a year, come rain, shine or snow! The dome mounts measure 140x140x96mm- approximately the size of a grapefruit- so will not draw too much attention to themselves when installed around the exterior of a building.

Crucially, each camera is fitted with Sony's imaging system, combining a class leading 650TVL CCD sensor with an advanced image processor. Simply put, this is our highest grade of CCTV equipment, and provides peerless detail and image fidelity. In addition, all of our professional security equipment only use high grade imaging sensors, no B grade or refurbished units! For an extra level of flexibility, each camera is fitted with varifocal optics. This allows you to precisely fine tune the angle and focus, zooming between 57 and 30 degrees horizontal field of view. When monitoring a large area such as a car park, this enables each camera to be precisely trained on a specific area, such as an entrance gate or elevator.

With all of our new Professional systems, we are also including an A4 warning sign with a unique tracking code, perfect for letting any potential intruders or criminals know they will be on camera!

When you invest in the best camera equipment, it's vital that you run them into a DVR with the recording quality and customisation features to get the most from them! This comprehensive package includes our 4 channel LAN DVR, pre-fitted with a huge 1TB HDD, enough storage space for many days of uninterrupted video recording. This can then be stretched even further by making use of the recorder's in depth Motion Detection mode. By only triggering the recorder when it senses movement in one of the video channels, this limits the amount of time and memory you waste with needless recording. This can then be further fine tuned with sensitivity settings, and by quickly masking out areas of the image that routinely contain moving objects.

With security recording being most in demand in vulnerable exposed or isolated areas, we know that business owners often need a way of accessing their CCTV remotely. To enable this, the recorder features a LAN port, allowing you to securely view live footage over the internet. This lends invaluable flexibility to the package, and lets concerned customers keep a close eye on their property whether they're at on a desktop PC, or on the move via a smartphone. The set up for this feature is relatively straightforward if you have a knowledge of IP addresses and routers, but if you need some help then we can remotely configure it for a one time fee.

Other recording features include a scheduling mode, allowing the user to program recording times into a 24 hour, 7 day timetable; and time stamping, whereby time and date information are automatically added to recordings. Both of these are indispensable tools for a business CCTV system, allowing you to easily review archived footage at a later date. In addition, the DVR uses the advanced H.264 compression method, allowing it to store full D1 resolution videos (720x576) with incredibly small file sizes.

4 Dome Camera CCTV Security System Sony 650TVL 40m IR 1TB DVR

£482.14 £389.00 inc VAT

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